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Step into the fall with these September deals

Check out September's deals!

The seasons are changing; it is a time that is fitting for us to reflect upon God’s unchanging nature and love. As everything around us shifts, we need to continue to explore the bottomless depths of God’s revelation. Check out what we have to offer you this month to help facilitate your reflection on the Divine Mystery. See all the deals.

Fathers of the Church: Latin Fathers of the Nicene Era (25 vols.)Fathers of the Church: Latin Fathers of the Nicene Era (25 vols.)

The Latin Fathers of the Nicene Era collection provides a thorough look at the Western Roman Empire during the fourth and fifth centuries, centered around the core Christian writings of the Nicene era.
$579.99 Now $429.99
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Come and See: Catholic Bible Study Collection (11 vols.)Come and See: Catholic Bible Study Collection (11 vols.)

This series presents the rich heritage of the Catholic faith in clear and simple language.
$174.99 Now $139.99
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Studies on Christ and His Kingdom Collection (5 vols.)Studies on Christ and His Kingdom Collection (5 vols.)

Exploring the biblical text chapter-by-chapter throughout each of the Gospels and Acts, these volumes bring academic teaching and thought together for a comprehensive, accessible study of Christ and his mission.
$49.99 Now $36.99
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These deals are only good through the end of September.
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Shipping Soon: Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture Update III (2 vols.)

Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture Update III (2 vols.)

Very soon the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture Update III (2 vols.) will begin shipping and be sold at full price. Take advantage of the 40% pre-order discount before time is out! This new update adds Hebrews and James, First, Second, and Third John to the overall collection.

The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture aims to serve the ministry of the Word of God in the life and mission of the Church. Since Vatican Council II, there has been an increasing hunger among Catholics to study Scripture in depth and in a way that reveals its relationship to liturgy, evangelization, catechesis, theology, and personal and communal life. This series responds to that desire by providing accessible yet substantive commentary on each book of the New Testament, drawn from the best of contemporary biblical scholarship as well as the rich treasury of the Church’s tradition. These volumes seek to offer scholarship illumined by faith, in the conviction that the ultimate aim of biblical interpretation is to discover what God has revealed and is still speaking through the sacred text. Central to our approach are the principles taught by Vatican II: first, the use of historical and literary methods to discern what the biblical authors intended to express; second, prayerful theological reflection to understand the sacred text “in accord with the same Spirit by whom it was written”—that is, in light of the content and unity of the whole Scripture, the living tradition of the Church, and the analogy of faith (Dei Verbum 12).

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Check out these August deals

Check out August's deals!

The word August comes from the Latin augustus, which means consecrated or venerable. Certainly St. Augustine lived up to the meaning of his name. In honor of his legacy, we have a great discount on a St. Augustine collection this month. We also have many other resources to offer that are sure to satisfy your study needs. Don’t hesitate. See all the deals.

 Sacra Pagina New Testament Commentary Series (18 vols.)Sacra Pagina New Testament Commentary Series (18 vols.)

Embrace the “very soul of sacred theology” with this astounding Scripture study series. If you took advantage of last month’s free book, you can get an even deeper discount with dynamic pricing.
$379.99 Now $322.99
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T&T Clark Studies in Biblical Theology and Theological Interpretation (4 vols.)T&T Clark Studies in Biblical Theology and Theological Interpretation (4 vols.)

Whether you are just getting your feet wet with Bible study or you are a seasoned Scripture scholar, these resources will guide you along the next step of your studies.
$55.99 Now $43.99
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 Fathers of the Church: St. Augustine (30 vols.)Fathers of the Church: St. Augustine (30 vols.)

This collection features many never-before-translated editions of Augustine’s Latin writings as well as his beloved and most important works.
$659.99 Now $469.99
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These deals are only good through the end of August.
Get them while you can!

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Verbum Now exclusive deals end soon

Verbum Now trial subscriptions for Faithlife TV for the month of May are about to end! Enjoy free Bible teaching, family entertainment, and community video streamed to your TV, computer, or mobile device.

Also, the Verbum Now exclusive coupon code for $50 off any purchase of $100 or more ends soon. Take advantage of it before the end of May. Just select the products you wish to purchase, make sure your cart total is over $100, and enter coupon code 50NOW at checkout.

Shipping Soon: Verbum Advanced Academic Training

On May 26 the Advanced Academic Training will begin shipping. Take advantage of the 50% pre-pub discount before time is out!

Verbum’s Advanced Academic Training builds on the Verbum 360 Training videos by taking a deeper look at an academic application of the software. Fr. Devin Roza, LC, is visiting Professor of New Testament at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum, and Fr. Andrew Dalton, LC, is Professor assistant of New Testament at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. They guide you through the software—showing you where the tools live, how to use them, and examples of how they can be useful in your academic application.

You’ll learn advanced research techniques for studying Scripture in its original languages and historical context, and in the light of the rich Tradition of the Catholic Church. Dig deeper into the original languages, and investigate differences between translations. By the time you finish this video, you’ll feel comfortable finding scholarly answers to academic questions.

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The Easter sale continues

Verbum Easter Sale

We are well on our way into the Easter season. This period of extraordinary grace gives our minds adequate time to reflect on the Eternal Sunday that we will enjoy when we meet the Lord face to face in the beatific vision of heaven. Hopefully you have been able find a new way to delve deeper into this awesome mystery.

Embracing the spirit of the Easter season, we are still in the midst of offering an extended sale throughout these 50 holy days.

Through June 4 you can get deep discounts on some of our top resources. We really hope that you will find time to embrace the grace that was won for us through the Resurrection, and we trust that studying something new can help stir up the living waters for you.

Mother’s Day Mariology special

Catholic Mariology Collection (13 vols.)

On Mother’s Day we all take time to think a little more about the mothers or mother figures in our lives. What better time is there to re-focus your devotion to the mother of all mothers—the Mother of God? Mary has the privilege of being the one who brought our Savior into the world through her efforts of pregnancy and child birth—and raising Jesus. Take some extra time in your studies to deepen your understanding of this great mystery.

For just this weekend we are offering a special discount on our Mariology collection. Take advantage of this deal before the weekend is over!

Catholic Mariology Collection (13 vols.)

This collection includes a wide range of texts, from classics by St. Louis de Montfort and St. Alphonsus Ligouri to contemporary works by Scott Hahn and Edward Sri. Enjoy spiritual insights on the rosary, learn the theological significance of the Immaculate Conception, the Virgin Birth, and the Assumption, and study the mystery behind the Theotokos—the Mother of God.

Was $139.99 Now $79.99

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Pope Francis is coming…

And Verbum has a booth at the World Meeting of Families! Please stop by our booth (# 1423) for special offers on English and Spanish products!

Not attending the World Meeting of Families? Don’t worry—we have special online deals for you, too!

Take advantage of these offers before they expire on September 30th!



Black Friday Sales on!

Verbum is having a Black Friday Sale from Black Friday to Cyber Monday!

Save up to 30% on our most popular collections for four days only, from November 28 through December 1!

Get the popular Navarre Bible New Testament Standard Edition, regularly $184.95, for $142.95.

But you can save even more—
Add any Verbum library, crossgrade, or upgrade to unlock bigger, exclusive discounts.
With any library, upgrade, or crossgrade, your price for this valuable scholarly resource is only $129.95!

For extensive savings on your favorite Catholic resources, be sure to take advantage of  this four-day sale!

Sale items include:

Fathers of the Church Series (127 vols.)
Catholic Scripture Study International Studies (30 vols.)
Catholic Answers Collection (21 vols.)
Peter Kreeft Bundle (27 vols.)
Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture (9 vols.)
…and more. See all deals here.

St. Augustine’s City of God on the sacrifice of the Mass

Today’s guest post is by Brandon Rappuhn, a Logos copywriter.

Verbum makes it easy to compare texts and perform theological and ecclesiological studies across the history of the Church. Since today is the Feast of St. Augustine, let’s take a journey through the history of our faith by way of his writings. In this journey, I’m curious to see how the “sacrifice of praise” from our Mass is echoed throughout Augustinian ideas. Let’s stick with his City of God or we could easily be here all day.

Book XVII of the City of God presents Augustine’s take on Jewish history as a prefiguration of Christianity. Augustine analyzes two orders of Old Testament priesthood (Melchisedech vs. Aaron) and draws the conclusion that Melchisedech’s priesthood was a prefiguration of the priesthood of Christ in his own sacrifice (by extension, also the sacrifice of the Mass). He goes further, exploring the priesthood of all believers, and how this priesthood offers up a sacrifice of praise:

Therefore, this short and simple and soul-saving expression of faith, ‘Put me, I beseech thee, to somewhat of thy priestly office, that I may eat a morsel of bread,’ is itself the ‘piece of silver,’ [read: praise] because it is brief and is the word of the Lord Himself dwelling in the believer’s heart. Earlier in the text He had said that He had given the house of Aaron food from the Old Testament victims: ‘I gave to thy father’s house for food of all the fiery sacrifices of the children of Israel’—that is, of the Jewish sacrifices. Accordingly, at this point, He said: ‘That I may eat a morsel of bread,’ for this is the sacrifice of Christians in the New Testament.

In the previous paragraphs, Augustine mentions that the order of Aaron has dissolved away and the order of Melchisedech has been perfected and translated into Christ’s priesthood, culminating in the consecration of himself as the Eucharist. In fact, his whole argument is to the fulfillment of the prophecy in 1 Kings 2:27-36 of the ending of the priesthood of Aaron while yet retaining a priesthood of an eternal order.

The Prophet’s concluding clause, ‘that I may eat a morsel of bread,’ (1 Kings 2:27-36) succinctly depicts the very species of the sacrifice in question, the same of which the Priest Himself said: ‘The bread that I will give is my flesh for the life of the world.’ (John 6:51) It is this sacrifice and no other. Let the reader understand, then, the sacrifice according to the order of Melchisedech, not any sacrifice according to the order of Aaron.

Let’s be clear: the “morsel of bread” is indeed a foreshadowing of the Eucharist, but the sentiment, “Put me, I beseech thee, to … thy priestly office, that I may eat…” is the foreshadowing of our sacrifice of praise, our desire to commune with God and to join with him in his Paschal sacrifice. Did Augustine come up with this idea on his own? I wouldn’t think so. Origen echoed this sentiment barely a few centuries before Augustine.

Hear what Peter says about the faithful: You are ‘an elect race, royal, priestly, a holy nation, a chosen people.’ Therefore, you have a priesthood because you are ‘a priestly nation,’ and for this reason ‘you ought to offer an offering of praise to God,’ an offering of prayers, an offering of mercy, an offering of purity, an offering of justice, an offering of holiness. (Homilies on Leviticus 1-16, Hom. 9.1.3)

And well over a thousand years later, Vatican II brings it full-circle:

[The people] should be instructed by God’s word and be nourished at the table of the Lord’s body; they should give thanks to God; by offering the Immaculate Victim, not only through the hands of the priest, but also with him, they should learn also to offer themselves; through Christ the Mediator, they should be drawn day by day into ever more perfect union with God and with each other, so that finally God may be all in all. (Sancrosanctum Concilium 48, emphasis mine)

This is why, in the Mass, sometimes referred to as the “sacrifice of praise,” the priest prays in the Eucharistic prayers, “Remember, Lord, your servants, N. and N., and all gathered here, whose faith and devotion are known to you. For them, we offer you this sacrifice of praise or they offer it for themselves and all who are dear to them…”

For a short time, you can get a library of St. Augustine’s writings on sale with coupon code AUGUSTINE14. This offer ends September 1, so don’t miss out!

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