Last chance to get Verbum for under $200

Get Verbum for under $200

In just a few days, the best deal we’ve ever offered on Verbum 7 Starter ends, and it goes back up in price.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a Verbum base package, now’s the time.

For under $200 you’ll get a library of over 100 resources, plus the features that make Verbum so powerful for study:

  • Turn to a passage and Verbum automatically opens only the most relevant resources.
  • Scan your entire library in seconds for insights from Scripture, the early church fathers, the Catechism, devotionals, and more.
  • Dive into spiritual classics and biographies, including works from Augustine, John of the Cross, and Teresa of Avila.

Get Verbum 7 Starter before the deal ends Oct. 31. It comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, and if you choose to upgrade to a different package later, you’ll receive a custom discount based on the books you already own.

Hurry—the offer ends Oct. 31. We’ve never offered Verbum 7 Starter online for under $200, so don’t miss this rare opportunity.

Get Verbum 7 Starter now.

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Verbum, part of the Logos family, empowers Catholics to study Scripture and explore Church tradition.

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