Why upgrading to Portfolio is your best choice

Verbum 7 Portfolio is 20% off!

Whether you’re just starting out with Verbum, own an earlier version of the software, or just want to upgrade your Verbum 7 library, now is the perfect time to get a base package. For a limited time, Verbum 7 Portfolio is 20% off. Here are some reasons to consider:

Understand our rich Christian heritage

Fathers of the Church Series (127 vols.)The rich Christian heritage of East and West comes alive in The Fathers of the Church Series, a 127-volume series widely praised for its brilliant scholarship and unparalleled historical, literary, and theological significance.

If you were to buy all these books in print you’d spend over $4,600. But for a limited time you can get those volumes—and 2,465 other resources—as part of Verbum Portfolio for only $3,624.00. You’ll get an entire library of books for less than the cost of just one collection. If you already own a Verbum library, then dynamic pricing will bring down the price even further.

You’ll make good use of all those books

That may sound like a lot of books. But will you really use them all? You’re far more likely to use even the most obscure books in your library when compared with a print library. Print books sit on a shelf until you pull them down and open them. Verbum resources reveal biblical insights automatically through its many powerful features. That means you can access everything your library mentions on any passage or any topic in seconds.

So whether you already own hundreds of Verbum books or none, you’ll make good use of a new Verbum base package. (Especially at this price!) More books means better results.

Verbum 7 Portfolio

Save 20% on Verbum 7 Portfolio now

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