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Start the new year off right

The liturgical “new year” began on the First Sunday of Advent, and we have already completed the spiritual preparation that now has us in the full swing of the Christmas season. Let us not lose that momentum, and let us enter into this new calendar year with a continued effort of nurturing our spiritual and intellectual growth. We have many great deals to help foster this journey, so check them out.

Monthly deals for January

The Doctors of the Church have laid a spiritual and intellectual foundation that keeps the Church secure in her navigation of the truth. Celebrate the Doctors of January by feeding on their wisdom.

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Free Book of the Month

St. Francis de Sales has left us a spiritual powerhouse on daily Christian living with An Introduction to the Devout Life. It’s yours free this month.

Want more? Grab his treatise Of the Love of God for only $1.99.

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December is worth your wait

On Sunday we will officially be in the Advent season, and the mood and tone at worship will shift. We will be moved into a sense of anticipation: waiting for Christ’s birth and awaiting the second coming. We have some great resources to help you enter into this time of the year and meditate deeply upon the Word—and the mystery of the The Word made flesh. Enjoy these carefully chosen deals. We hope this Advent season is a time of spiritual renewal for you.

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Monthly deals for December

Our faith has humble beginnings in a stable in Bethlehem. God has brought himself down to our level. Now ascend to the heights of these lofty mysteries with all these great resources.

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Free Book of the Month

Scott Hahn opens up the biblical theology of Pope Benedict, and this month you can get for free his book Covenant and Communion, which gives a probing look at this theology.

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This Month In Review

In case you’ve missed it, this month we’ve been focusing a lot on the Catechism Collection, a 9-volume collection designed to help anyone get the very most out of their study of Scripture, Tradition, and the entirety of the Catholic Faith. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to use it, this month you get 15% off any collection with the Catechism bundled in if you use the coupon code Catechism13 at checkout. That means you can select Verbum Basic, Foundations, Scripture Study, Master or Capstone, (and of course the Catechism itself) for 15% off. Get Verbum today and use the coupon code Catechism13 at checkout!

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liturgy-of-the-hoursIn other news, two landmark resources went on Pre-Pub this month: the Liturgy of the Hours and the Missal. These two exciting titles will add both increased functionality in Verbum and invaluable depth into your study of the Faith. Also available on Pre-Pub this month is the Catholic Answers Collection, a compilation of some of the best material written by today’s most popular Catholic authors, including Jimmy Akin, Dave Armstrong, Rosalind Moss, and many others. Be sure and check out these and other titles in Pre-Pub for a chance to save big on upcoming books!

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As always, if you have any questions or ideas for titles you’d like to see in Verbum, leave us a comment below. Or, join the growing online community of Verbum users in Faithlife and join the discussion with hundreds of other Catholics, students, teachers and others who share a passion for learning about the Faith.

Stay tuned to the blog for news about upcoming titles, new developments and more!

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