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Hear Scott Hahn Talk About Verbum and Education

Listen to this talk Scott Hahn gave at the 2014 NCEA conference about the role Verbum is playing in Catholic education!

Verbum and Preaching, Part 5: Preaching is Eucharistic

In this fifth installment of Verbum and PreachingJason briefly talks about the importance of the Eucharistic element and end of preaching:

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The Journal of Moral Theology offers scholarly articles on contemporary issues in Catholic moral theology, deeply rooted in the Catholic Tradition. Read about some of the foremost Catholic moral philosophers of our time, and expand your knowledge of key philosophical and doctrinal arguments in modern theological discourse.


With these four volumes, you’ll read from a large selection of theological debates over a range of topics, including economics, philosophy, psychology and theology. Leading Catholic moral theologians like Michael J. Gorman, James F. Keenan, and Lisa Sowle Cahill address questions of ethics, discuss Christology, study influential Catholic figures, and examine Catholic social teaching.

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This is your last chance to lock in the very best price on the biggest, most important patristic resource we’ve ever offered: The Fathers of the Church Series.

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A few people have had questions regarding what’s included in this collection compared to our early Church Fathers Collection. Here are the facts:

  • Though there is a little overlap between this collection and the Early Church Fathers collection, a vast majority of these texts are brand new to Verbum. 
  • Even with the resources that do overlap (such as some of Augustine’s works), the Fathers of the Church Series provides a totally new translation produced by top-tier scholars. Across the board, the Fathers of the Church Series are easier to read and digest.
  • There are maybe 20 or so works in this collection that are available in the public domain. The rest can only be purchased from publishers, and in this collection there are some titles that are exclusive to this collection, which means you can’t find them anywhere else.
  • This series is divided into five main collections which you can choose to purchase individually (see below).

Brilliant scholarship at an incredible price

What makes this collection so valuable isn’t just the sheer immensity of text (at less $.04 per page, the absolute best value anywhere): it’s the brilliant scholarship and translation that this series is renowned for in the English-speaking world. The English translations of both Greek and Latin texts are clear and easy to read, and the scholarship behind them is unsurpassed both in scope and in scale.

For anyone working in or studying patristics or early church history, this comprehensive exposition of the development of Christianity from its early years to post-Nicene maturity is invaluable.

And for those looking to study a particular patristic era, the Fathers of The Church series is broken into five different collections available for purchase on Pre-Pub:

  1. Fathers of the Ante-Nicene Era (23 vols.)
  2. Greek Fathers of the Nicene Era (35 vols.)
  3. Latin Fathers of the Nicene Era (25 vols.)
  4. St. Augustine (30 vols.)
  5. Fathers of the Post-Nicene Era (14 vols.)

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Verbum and Preaching, Part 4: Preaching is Catechetical

In this part of Verbum and Preaching, Jason explores the catechetical element of preaching in Verbum:

Happy Fathers Day!

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We Have a Winner!

The Verbum Easter Giveaway has ended, and we have a winner! Dustin Busse from Oregon is now the proud owner of Verbum Capstone+ and a brand new MacBook Air. Congratulations Dustin!

We were excited to find out that Dustin will be going to seminary this fall, so I asked him a few questions about his upcoming studies:

1. Where are you going to seminary? 

I will be attending Mt. Angel Seminary located here in Oregon.

2. What are you most excited to study? 

At this point, I am very interested in Systematic Theology and Sacred Scripture studies. Having just finished a 27 week series of online courses on Spiritual Theology through, I feel spiritually supercharged as I head into seminary studies. I have been reaping the benefits of a strong devotion to Lectio Divina. As a result I am diving deeper and deeper in Sacred Scripture and soaking up everything I can in terms of the teachings of the Catholic Church throughout the ages.

3. How will Verbum help you with your studies?

Verbum has already been a valuable tool in terms of scripture studies and I have barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer in that regard. I am sure that as I go further into studies in this area a resource like Verbum Capstone+ will be a well of knowledge that I will go back to time and again.

4. Do you have a favorite Catholic author/Church Father that you enjoy reading? Why do you like them? 

I love St. Augustine of Hippo. The Confessions of St. Augustine has been one of my favorite spiritual readings outside of Sacred Scripture. He had such an eloquent way of writing and speaking the to heart as well as the intellect. With his background in rhetoric and study under St. Ambrose, it is no surprise that he can pose a power-packed treatise on a wide array of topics.

I also want to thank everyone at Logos and especially those involved in bringing the Verbum product to the market. I feel that the Catholic world has been starving for a good comprehensive means of scripture study that allows us to tie Sacred Scripture to sound Catholic teachings. As more and more people discover this wonderful resource and learn how to unlock everything in it through its many research tools, it will present the opportunity to grow in leaps and bounds in terms of faith and knowledge.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. We hope you had a wonderful Easter season!

Verbum and Preaching, Part 3: Preaching is Expositional

In the last installment of Verbum and Preaching, we took a look at how preaching should be Christocentric in nature. This time, Jason highlights the importance of expositional preaching and study, showing us how Verbum can aid us in expositional study.

Pre-Publication Special: The Joseph A Fitzmyer Collection

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Joseph A Fitzmyer is one of the most esteemed biblical scholars alive today. A Jesuit priest and professor emeritus at the Catholic University of America, Fitzmyer is a master of biblical languages and has made invaluable contributions to his field.

­­In this collection, Fitzmyer presents essays on Pauline studies and the historical-critical method, answer questions on Christology, examines the impact of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and updates Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises to include more emphasis on Pauline texts and the Holy Spirit. You’ll get 5 of his key scholarly works:


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