Pre-Publication Special: Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Writings and Audiences

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In less than a month, Pope John Paul II will be canonized as a saint—a momentous occasion for millions all around the world. Now is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the life of this great man of God—a man who left behind not just a legacy of holiness, but also a treasury of literature and thought for the entire Church to study.

Today, you can get Pope John Paul II’s audiences and apostolic writings in one 11-volume collection. These are enormous volumes, compiled here at Verbum, that contain the Holy Father’s correspondences, constitutions, and audiences from 1978 to 2005.

These writings, in this chronological, digitized format, are not available anywhere else. 


In this massive collection, you’ll get 26 years of Pope John Paul II’s writings, including his:

  1. Letters
  2. Messages to bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and world leaders
  3. Public prayers
  4. Public audiences
  5. Speeches
  6. Motu Proprio
  7. Original teachings on Theology of the Body
  8. Apostolic Constitutions (available in Latin)

There is no better way to read and study the great writings of Pope John Paul II than in Verbum. All of his scriptural and Church-document references are linked to the resources themselves, giving you the ability to read Pope John Paul II’s thought side by side with the Tradition he loved and upheld.

Pre-order The Audiences and Apostolic Writings of Pope John Paul II today for 20% off

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  • I’m excited about the possibility of getting “soon to be Saint” John Paul II’s writings! Can you tell us if it includes his series on The Catechesis on the Creed from 1985 to 1991? Those books are long out of print and very expensive.

    • Hi Steve! The Catechesis on the Creed is a series of Wednesday audiences. While our collection of audiences has some gaps where English isn’t available, I believe we have everything from that series included here.

Written by Aric