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We’ve just launched our brand-new website, and we have some amazing offerings you won’t want to miss!

We’re putting hundreds of books on sale, featuring some of our most popular titles. Check back on the blog and the website weekly to see which titles are discounted.

We’re so excited about this launch, and we hope you are too! Share with your friends, and help get the word out about the very best Catholic study software.

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  • Thank you Aric. The getting started video is just want I was looking for. The recent update to Logos/Verbum for iOS (new to me) is excellent. Still like Olivetree’s resource guide better, but there is such a lack of Catholic books on Olivetree. After so many year’s not even the CCC.

    I made a mistake!! And a costly one. Can I really go back an ask OT for a refund on almost $1k worth of books because I jumped ship from Logos/Verbum too quickly? Yike, I feel really stupid.

    The new Verbum website and training tools are excellent, but just caused me two bruised shins!

  • Congratulations Verbum for getting your own site. Certainly Logos / Verbum is the most powerful Bible / Faith study tool in the market. Can I suggest making the training materials / getting started videos more easily found. My biggest challenge was learning to use the software and that might put some people off buying what is a great tool.

    I have spent over $1200 on Logos / Verbum and it is now on eBay for sale at $499 simply because I do not know how to use it easily. That’s a shame, but a decision I have had to make. So, come on Verbum, more easily understandable and easily found training videos to help newbies – and before someone buys my library.

    • The emphasis is on easily understandable training. I found may of the training videos to be complex and doing things that are deeper than I wanted to go. Perhaps marking the entries and videos with a rating e.g. Beginners, Intermediate, Expert. Perhaps also a permanent link to the “Getting Started / First Things” videos, a selection of the five basic topics that every new user should know about.

    • Hi Richard! First, I think the “star rating” idea is a great idea. I’m working on putting together some more free training videos, and maybe I’ll implement this idea.

      Second, hopefully you’ve heard of Practicum, our training video series. Although a lot of the series goes pretty deep into the software (expert-level stuff), the first few videos provides an accessible foundation for people to get started using Verbum.

      What kind of training would you like to see most?

      • Thanks Aric.

        I saw Practicum, but that is another $230. It may well be good value, but it is a lot of money.

        The training that I think would be useful is a guided set of lessons for new users. Rather than just a selection of training modules that are left to the choice of the new user. These may exist, but I think they are needed in a structured course. A Getting Started guide on a few areas, 30 minute (free) video: setting up layouts, reading a bible with a favorite couple of commentaries, searching a bible or commentary, making a filing notes. The video needs to be for the PC/Mac and separate ones for iOS and Android. Regarding the latter two a recognition of what can be done with wifi and what cannot.

        As I said these are probably already there, but Verbum can be so overwhelming the hand holding, baby steps approach might help some of us.

        I have not quite yet sold my licenses. I don’t want to lose so much money. Perhaps I should give Verbum another chance? I will need to think on that over the next few hours.

        It is great to see the Catholic faith having such a tool. And thanks again for your reply.

  • If you use the Verbum Practicum, there is now a companion Reading List available. The list also includes links to all Verbum blog training articles.

  • I’m glad to see Verbum perhaps get a more distinct identity. I’ve always thought the Verbum brand was a bit confusing. I use my collection constantly for personal study, and it is an indispensable adjunct to my blog. It’s great to be able to easily get out front of everyone else with timely stories like “Was Jesus Crucified Between Revolutionaries or Thieves?” That means St. Corbinian’s Bear gets picked up by aggregators, which means a lot more traffic. I mention it whenever I can because I am a huge believer in Verbum.

    Please make available code for Verbum images / links in different sizes.

    Good luck and a joyous Easter!

    St. Corbinian’s Bear

  • Yay! I am going to use my tax refund and shop for some things on my wish list. Unrendering from Caesar and rendering unto God. LOL

Written by Aric