Verbum and Preaching, Part 2: Preaching is Christocentric

In part 2 of Verbum and Preaching, we’ll look at the first of four videos aimed at helping priests and homilists familiarize themselves with the basics of Verbum.

In this video, Jason walks us through some foundational features in Verbum, focusing on the Christ-centered nature of preaching. We’ll take a look at the way that Verbum cross-links books and resources and how to begin researching for a homily:

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  • A good introduction Jason. I’m looking forward to your future installments. I’ve listened to many homilies. Many … a thousand and more in my life. We need homilies that our recent Holy Fathers have called for; The Joy of the Gospel – #135 and following.

    I’m hoping that Logos and the resources therein are a help. As Benedict and Francis have point out in many forms, the state of the homily must be improved.

    Let’s make a difference!


  • Great video. Where can I find the next section he is talking about in this video?

    • We’ll be posting new installments within the next couple weeks. Keep checking back!

Written by Aric