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 The writings of the early Church Fathers are vast. Though all these texts are inherently valuable, the question sometimes arises: How can I find the most important, popular, or concise teachings?


 The Faith of the Early Fathers collection is your answer. Following the structure of the Enchiridion Patristicum, it gives you the Church Fathers’ most important sayings and writings, all in one highly cited collection.

What is the Enchiridion Patristicum?

The Enchiridion Patristicum is a chronological manual of the Fathers’ most important sayings. Compiled by the French theologian Rouet de Journel in 1911, it’s proved itself as a thorough guide for anyone studying theology and Church history.

The Faith of the Early Fathers collection follows Journel’s format, but also includes much that Journel did not. This collection is perfect for:

1) Studying critical theological developments in the first seven centuries of Christian history.

2) Reading prominent sayings and sermons from Clement of Rome, Polycarp, Augustine, Basil, Chrysostom, Ambrose, Jerome, and others.

3) Tracking the formation of Christian doctrine—both the orthodox and the heretical—in the first seven centuries of the Church.

The Faith of the Early Fathers is ideal for serious patristic scholars, or for those who simply want an expertly curated selection of writings from the Church Fathers.

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