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 The Man Who Was Thursday

G.K. Chesterton’s masterpiece novel, The Man Who Was Thursday, is equal parts metaphysical thriller and Christian allegory. This annotated digital edition is the perfect complement to your Verbum versions of all G.K. Chesterton’s celebrated works.


Homiletics and Preaching Collection (8 vols.)

This collection offers wisdom from leading Catholic preachers on crafting homilies that build God’s kingdom. Homiletics professors, experienced pastors, and other experts weigh in with practical advice, resources, and inspiration to rekindle the preacher’s passion for sharing God’s Word.


The Fathers of the Church: Mediaeval Continuation (15 vols.)

This collection highlights the intellectually dynamic writings of a period often neglected in scholarship. It features significant Christian writers from the eleventh to the fourteenth centuries, offering insights into the development of Scholasticism, various heresies and ecclesiastical issues, and more. If you’re interested in patristic or mediaeval thought, this collection is essential.

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Take 26% off Verbum’s 13‑volume Homilies Bundle

Verbum’s power extends beyond pure Bible study: some of its most useful features have to do with researching and preparing homilies. And, with features like the Catholic Topical Index, homily prep has never been easier.

Verbum’s new Homilies Bundle gives you insight from some of today’s leading homiletics experts. You can browse hundreds of homilies on a variety of liturgical events, from Sunday and daily Masses to feast days, weddings, and more.

Of course, all these homilies are linked and fully searchable, so you can study your homily side by side with relevant Bible verses, Catechism references, and Church documents.

Plus, with Verbum’s lectionary layout, you can open up a homily right next to the Lectionary, Roman Missal, and Bible for extra inspiration.

Homily preparation can be time-consuming. Verbum speeds it up—as you study, you’ll find references to works you may not have even considered looking up, all thanks to the way that Verbum organizes your library and links it together.

Want to learn more about Verbum and homiletics? See how Verbum can help you by watching this quick video.

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Lift Up Your Hearts

Take 28% off Lift Up Your Hearts on Pre-Publication

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The liturgy “is the outstanding means whereby the faithful may express in their lives . . . the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true church” (Sancrosanctum Concilium 2). Verbum now brings you the Lift Up Your Hearts collection, a three-volume bundle of homiletic and liturgical helps for every Sunday and feast day during each year of the lectionary cycle. These volumes are linked and easily searchable, preparing you to give homilies that will inspire your parishioners all week long.

Lift Up Your Hearts isn’t just for priests and deacons, though it is ideal for this sort of work. It’s also great for parishioners looking for a deeper experience of the Sunday readings, or for liturgical ministers seeking insight into their participation in the Mass. Aptly named, Lift Up Your Hearts presents an engaging and deep exploration of the Word of God expressed living and true in the Mass and the public prayers of the Church.

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Verbum and Preaching, Part 4: Preaching is Catechetical

In this part of Verbum and Preaching, Jason explores the catechetical element of preaching in Verbum:

Verbum and Preaching, Part 3: Preaching is Expositional

In the last installment of Verbum and Preaching, we took a look at how preaching should be Christocentric in nature. This time, Jason highlights the importance of expositional preaching and study, showing us how Verbum can aid us in expositional study.

Verbum and Preaching, Part 1: A Brief Introduction

This post is by Jason Stellman, Adult Education Specialist here at Verbum.

Hey everyone, my name’s Jason Stellman. I’m the new Adult Education guy at Verbum.

The reason I’m writing is that I’m planning to start a new series of posts on homiletics and preaching. Until a couple years ago, I was a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, and my conversion to “the dark side of the Force” caused something of a stir in certain conservative Protestant circles. (If you’re interested, you can view my resignation letter here, my appearance on The Journey Home here, and my address at last year’s Defending the Faith conference in Steubenville here.)

For the past two decades, I’ve been teaching Scripture and theology on a regular basis, predominantly in official, ordained capacities both in broad evangelical and staunch Calvinistic contexts, and more recently to Catholic audiences. My career as a teacher of Scripture to everyone from poor African villagers to European university students to wealthy American suburbanites has enabled me to learn a bit about how to communicate deep truths to diverse audiences with credibility and understanding, in ways that are simple, clear, and engaging. It’s our conviction here at Verbum that the tools we offer can and should be directed toward our clergy, with a special desire to help priests with their weekly preaching ministries.

All that to say, I have a few ideas marinating in my head for how Verbum can help meet this serious need. So stay tuned for more posts and videos on preaching, as well as opportunities for you all to get involved in our efforts to get Verbum into the hands (or onto the screens) of as many Catholic priests and preachers as possible!

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