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Learn to Use the Verbum App (Part 3)

The Verbum Catholic Bible Study app is free, powerful, and perfect for studying the Scriptures and Tradition anywhere you go. Watch the video below to learn how to connect with others via Faithlife in the Verbum app:

Using Faithlife in the Verbum App

Learn more about using the free Verbum app here:

Part 1
Part 2

Get the Verbum App today by simply typing in “Verbum” to your app store and downloading the app. If you’re reading this on your device, you can download the Verbum App right now on:



or for Kindle Fire


  1. Dave says:

    can you access “Layouts” with this app?

    • Aric Nesheim says:

      Hi Dave! The app will save whatever layout your working in after you close out, but there isn’t layout functionality like the desktop software.

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