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We Have a Winner!

We are happy to announce that Deacon John Sommer won Verbum’s Scholar library giveaway!

We asked Deacon John a few questions about his plans for his new software:

Q. What do you do for the Church?

I am currently assigned as Deacon to the St. Clement of Rome Parish in Bixby, Oklahoma. I am responsible for the Middle and High School Programs at my assigned parish. I have been performing this ministry for 15 years.

I am also a Business Manager for the Parish of Christ the King in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From time to time, the Pastor will ask me to assist with Deaconate duties at Christ the King.

Q. How do you plan to use your new Verbum Scholar library?

My plan for the library is to increase my knowledge about our Lord. One of my main goals currently is to share the Faith with the youth of the Diocese of Tulsa, and I will use Verbum resources to bring our Lord alive in their everyday activities.

We are focused on the development of disciples and this library will be a great reference to provide historical examples of the great Saints and Fathers of the Church.

It will be a great source of information in assisting me with my preaching responsibilities and homily preparation.

Congratulations, Deacon John!

If you didn’t win, you can still take advantage of a limited-time 15% discount on any Verbum library—simply use coupon code SUMMERSCHOLAR before Saturday, September 19!

We Have a Winner!

After receiving over 3,000 entries in the Verbum Christmas Giveaway, we’ve randomly selected our winner. Howard Diehl is the happy recipient of an iPad mini and a Verbum 6 Scholar library!

Howard is doing missionary work with the “Communautés et Assemblées Evangéliques”—a non-Catholic Christian group operating in France. We asked him to share a few words about his work and how his plans to use Verbum. Read his story below:

 My name is Howard Diehl, and along with my wife Dona, we’ve been working with two English-speaking international churches in Grenoble, France since 2006.

I’ve served as an elder, a teaching pastor, and in many other capacities as well. Besides the English-speaking churches, Dona and I have a ministry with university students, especially Chinese students.

Currently I am working as a pastor, leading a team to replant one of the English-speaking churches here in Grenoble.

Winning the iPad and software is a welcome surprise.  A very important part of my preaching and teaching is finding the original context for the text at hand, especially the Greek and Hebrew texts.

I am also a great proponent of the Church Fathers’ significance for us today and the way their writings can inform our work in the culture of France. I find the first four centuries of the writings of the Church Fathers especially pertinent to our task here.

I look forward to having access to the multitude of tools that Verbum offers.

Thank you for this wonderful surprise! It is greatly appreciated and will be used with much joy!

A hearty congratulations to Howard, and many thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time—you’ll be the first to know about future Verbum giveaways and promotions! Stay tuned to the Verbum Blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.


Christmas Sale: 12 Deals & iPad Giveaway!

We read your Christmas wishlists and discounted 12 of Verbum’s most-requested resources. But we’ve also got another Christmas surprise: we’re giving away an iPad Mini and Verbum 6 Scholar!

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We Have a Winner!

The Verbum Easter Giveaway has ended, and we have a winner! Dustin Busse from Oregon is now the proud owner of Verbum Capstone+ and a brand new MacBook Air. Congratulations Dustin!

We were excited to find out that Dustin will be going to seminary this fall, so I asked him a few questions about his upcoming studies:

1. Where are you going to seminary? 

I will be attending Mt. Angel Seminary located here in Oregon.

2. What are you most excited to study? 

At this point, I am very interested in Systematic Theology and Sacred Scripture studies. Having just finished a 27 week series of online courses on Spiritual Theology through, I feel spiritually supercharged as I head into seminary studies. I have been reaping the benefits of a strong devotion to Lectio Divina. As a result I am diving deeper and deeper in Sacred Scripture and soaking up everything I can in terms of the teachings of the Catholic Church throughout the ages.

3. How will Verbum help you with your studies?

Verbum has already been a valuable tool in terms of scripture studies and I have barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer in that regard. I am sure that as I go further into studies in this area a resource like Verbum Capstone+ will be a well of knowledge that I will go back to time and again.

4. Do you have a favorite Catholic author/Church Father that you enjoy reading? Why do you like them? 

I love St. Augustine of Hippo. The Confessions of St. Augustine has been one of my favorite spiritual readings outside of Sacred Scripture. He had such an eloquent way of writing and speaking the to heart as well as the intellect. With his background in rhetoric and study under St. Ambrose, it is no surprise that he can pose a power-packed treatise on a wide array of topics.

I also want to thank everyone at Logos and especially those involved in bringing the Verbum product to the market. I feel that the Catholic world has been starving for a good comprehensive means of scripture study that allows us to tie Sacred Scripture to sound Catholic teachings. As more and more people discover this wonderful resource and learn how to unlock everything in it through its many research tools, it will present the opportunity to grow in leaps and bounds in terms of faith and knowledge.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. We hope you had a wonderful Easter season!

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Easter Giveaway: Win a MacBook Air + Verbum Capstone!

Happy Easter! We’re pleased to announce that along with the launch of our new website, we’re giving away a brand-new MacBook Air with our biggest, most comprehensive library yet: Verbum Capstone!


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Happy Easter from everyone here at Verbum.

Study the Gospel with Us this Lent

Today we begin Lent, the season in which we imitate Christ’s 40 days of fasting and prayer in the desert.

There are many ways to unite ourselves to Christ’s suffering during the Lenten season: some choose a certain food or luxury to give up, while others will give of their time to serve the poor or needy (and Pope Francis has stressed this latter form of sacrifice for this year).

As we offer ourselves up in service to God and others, we also must return to the source of nourishment that gives us strength. We find this nourishment in the Sacraments of the Church, especially the Eucharist, and in Holy Scripture.

This year, deepen your understanding of Lent as we study the daily Gospel readings. Join Verbum’s Lenten Journey and receive daily Gospel reflections delivered right to your inbox. You’ll also get Lenten Grace: Daily Gospel Reflections for free, and you can study alongside others in the Verbum Faithlife group throughout this Lenten season.

Join the Lenten Journey today.


Join the Verbum Lenten Journey

This Lent (beginning March 5th) we’re doing something special. Until Easter, we’re giving away a free copy of Lenten Grace: Daily Gospel Reflections so you can study the daily readings along with us and hundreds of others. Not only can you get this book for free in Verbum, you can have the readings delivered straight to your inbox all through Lent!

To get daily Lenten emails, simply sign up here.

Study with others in the Verbum Faithlife group

Faithlife lets you share notes, collaborate in groups, and discuss what you’re learning with others who are in the same group as you. This year, our Lenten discussion will be held in the Verbum group.

To join the Verbum group, first sign into Faithlife. If you don’t already have an account, simply go to and register (it’s free!)

Once you’ve registered, go here to join the Verbum group. Click “Join,” and you’re in!


Start by connecting to the 2014 Lenten Journey reading plan. Joining the reading plan helps you keep up-to-date with the daily readings, as well as make and read community notes.


Don’t just study—share.

It’s easy to share with others using the free Verbum App. If you don’t already have Verbum for your phone or tablet, simply type in “Verbum” in your app store and install it.

Apple Store

Once you have Verbum, sign in with your Faithlife credentials and open up to the 2014 Lenten Journey reading plan to start studying. (Keep in mind, the reading plan doesn’t start until Ash Wednesday.)

In Verbum, there are two kinds of notes you can make. The first is a private note, one that is kept on your device(s) and only visible to you. Just like highlighting and adding notes in the margins of your own books, private notes help you engage with and organize whatever you’re studying. Community notes are different in that they are visible to anyone you decide to share them with. So, for example, if I wanted to share a thought from the daily readings in Lenten Grace: Daily Gospel ReflectionsI would simply highlight the text I wanted to share and select “note.”*


Then, choose “community note” to share it with the Verbum Faithlife group:

This way anyone in the Verbum group can respond to the notes you’ve made, as well as glean from your own reflections on a verse or topic.

If you want to learn more about using Faithlife, check out this post.

Make this Lent fruitful. Study the Gospel readings each day, then read and share reflections with other users. Join us this Lent as we study God’s word to better prepare our hearts in this season of sacrifice.

*The UI will look different on different devices, but the process is the same. These screenshots were taken on an Android device.

Win a Free Copy of Verbum Foundations Plus!

Enter to win a chance to receive a free copy of Verbum Foundations Plus! We will be taking entries all through Christmas (ending on Epiphany, January 6th) and will pick a winner end-of-day on Epiphany.

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Verbum Foundations Plus includes the most important Catholic texts and powerful Verbum tools. From the Catechism of the Catholic Church, to the Apostolic Fathers, Verbum Foundations Plus includes 315 resources that allow you to explore the Faith—a library worth over $5,000.

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