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Introducing Canvas, a New Way to Work the Text


Canvas is like joining your paper Bible, a whiteboard, and the power of Verbum all into one to help you interpret and internalize Scripture.

It’s a brand-new Verbum feature that lets you work the biblical text in incredible ways. [Read more…]

The New Verbum Is Here

Something powerful happens when we study the Mind of the Church. Familiar stories become richer, old truths more meaningful, and new discoveries change our lives. And at Verbum, we want you to experience that for yourself.

That’s why when we made Verbum 8, we challenged ourselves to create new ways for you to take the next step in your Catholic study, whether you’re a scholar or are just beginning to study the Church for yourself.

And that meant making Verbum easier to use than ever.

Introducing Workflows

In Verbum 8, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for many approaches to Catholic study.

Choose your goal— like Lectio Divina, homily prep, or exegesis—and Verbum 8 lays out the books and tools to use each step along the way. We don’t just give you what you need, we explain how to use it.

Even if you know the steps you need to take in your study, you’ll appreciate Workflows. You’ll discover books and tools you didn’t even know you had, and perhaps most exciting, you can create your own workflow from scratch. You can even share your expertise by making that workflow public.

Clean, simple organization

From the moment you open Verbum 8, you’ll find clear ways to jump right into Catholic study. The redesigned Home Page provides quick links to your favorite workflows, reading plans, layouts, and other resources central to your study.

We’ve improved Notes, making it easier to organize your thoughts and capture insights on a biblical passage or resource.

The same goes for your books and documents. Whether you’re looking for that passage list on prayer you made three years ago or a solid commentary on Romans, you’ll find it in a few clicks thanks to Verbum 8’s clean, simple organization.

A new way to visualize biblical truth

Everybody has their favorite way to work the biblical text. Some highlight, others underline and circle, and some take notes. Others go the extra mile and diagram sentences and do detailed outlines of the passage.

Whatever your style, with Canvas in Verbum 8, you get a set of easy-to-use tools to help you mark up, outline, and create beautiful images based on Scripture

Deeper Catholic study for everyone

Take a look at everything new in Verbum 8, and let us know what you think. We’re confident Verbum 8 will make your Catholic study easier and even more rewarding, whether you’ve been studying the Church in-depth for decades or are just getting started.

Leverage Verbum’s Visual Filters

Verbum has dozens of powerful tools, but sometimes the little things you don’t even know to look for can be incredibly helpful. This week, we want to draw your attention to Verbum’s Visual Filters with this excerpt from our Verbum 360 Training, which is currently free with any Verbum 6 Library as part of the Easter Sale.

Get the end of this chapter and training on all your favorite tools with the complete Verbum 360 Training—free!


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The brand-new Verbum Plus libraries are here! Through Advent and Christmas, don’t miss out—use coupon code ADVENT13 to get 10% off an upgrade or a new Verbum Plus library.

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With the Verbum Plus libraries, you get:

The new Catholic Topical Index

  • Gives you a huge reference index, hand-compiled by scholars here at Verbum
  • Opens up in a passage guide or topic guide straight from the Go Box
  • Is doctrinal in nature
  • Is filled with themes especially relevant to Catholic doctrine
  • Lets you study topics like absolution, Eucharist, etc., and then see relevant Scripture verses, Catechism references, and Ecclesiastical writings elsewhere in your library
  • Works best with more resources / bigger libraries

The new Saints Database

  • An all-new database of over 500 saints and their feast days
  • High-quality images for over half of the Saint entries
  • Navigation through the saints and their feast days, right from your homepage

Restructured libraries

  • The newly designed Plus libraries feature the very best resources for Catholic study. See the Comparison Chart for more details!

And much, much more

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New version? Does this mean my current version of Verbum is obsolete? 

Not in the least. The new Verbum libraries are additions to the resources you already own. The Verbum Plus libraries contain new features and books, which means that by upgrading to a Verbum Plus library, you only get more resources and features.

What if I’m just now buying a Verbum Plus library? Do I miss out on the old features? 

Nope. All the features of the old versions are included in the Verbum Plus libraries. All the books you buy in Verbum are yours to keep forever. The only difference in the new version is additional functionality and books. Check out the video below to learn more about what’s new in the Verbum Plus libraries:


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Upgrading 101

Because we’re running our biggest upgrade sale we’ve ever had, we’ve been getting in a lot of calls from customers wondering what’s in the fine print. I’ve received questions about whether or not users have to pay for the same books twice, and why it’s worth their investment.

Here’s what you need to know:

You never pay for the same book twice.

If you’re upgrading to a bigger base-package, (whether you’re upgrading from Logos 4 or getting a bigger Verbum package) your upgrade price will never include books you already own. Our custom discounting engine takes into consideration 100% of the books and datasets you already own and gives you a corresponding discount on a Verbum base package. In other words, you only pay for items that are brand-new to you. 

You never lose any books

Occasionally we hear from customers that the one thing holding them back from upgrading is their fear of losing books. And rightly so: Many of you have invested thousands of dollars with us. One of our top priorities is ensuring that your investment is safe. That’s why we’ve committed to making sure all your books will always work in the latest versions of our software. Even books purchased 20 years ago still work in Verbum today. And we’ve provided free updates to new file formats and added new tagging and functionality—again, for free.

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We’re here to help

If you ever have any questions about upgrading, your resources, or anything having to do with your software, just contact us and let us know. You can call in at 877-542-7664, visit the forums, or leave a comment right here in the combox.

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