Why Upgrade to Verbum Now?

There has never been a better time to upgrade. 

A chance to save this much on an upgrade to Verbum won’t come again, so upgrade today and see for yourself how Verbum can help you study the Scriptures and Tradition like never before.

VerbumPackage_Line-up-600With Dynamic Pricing, upgrading to a bigger library saves you even more money and only increases the functionality of Verbum. Sign in to see your custom discount and upgrade today.

Here are five reasons you should upgrade now:

1)   Biggest upgrade discounts ever.

Right now you can take up to 20% off an upgrade to Verbum. An opportunity to save this much on an upgrade won’t come again—once these discounts are gone, they’re gone for good. Upgrade today to lock in your biggest discount on any of our library packages.

2)   New content. More content.

Verbum libraries are bigger than ever. By upgrading to Verbum, you could add hundreds of new books to your collection. This means more interconnectivity, more cross references, and deeper study. Plus, all your current books get an automatic update to work with Verbum’s new tools.

3)   Custom discounts.

When you upgrade, you won’t ever be charged for resources you already own. Our Custom Discount Calculator takes your current books and datasets into account and gives you a discount based on your current library.

4)   Payment plans made easy.

Verbum is an investment, and we’ve made it possible to break down your bill into bite-size chunks with a monthly payment plan. This means that you can afford even a huge library—like Capstone—on a tight budget.

5)   Newer, better features.

If you’re still using Logos 4, you’re missing out on some of Verbum’s greatest features. Tools like the Clause Search or Topic Guide help you study Scripture like never before. Upgrade today and start exploring the new tools that Verbum has to offer.

Don’t miss this last chance to upgrade at such a big price cut! Upgrade now to get the most out of your Verbum library.

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