Black Friday Special! Introductory Pricing for Verbum Plus Libraries

Black Friday is here, and right now you can get one-time-only introductory pricing on a brand-new Verbum Plus library! Check out this video to learn more:

Use the coupon code VERBUMBLACKFRIDAY to take 15% off a brand new Verbum Plus library OR 15% off any upgrade to a Verbum Plus library!

New version? Does this mean my current version of Verbum is obsolete? 

Not in the least. The new Verbum libraries are additions to the resources you already own. The Verbum Plus libraries contain new features and books, which means that by upgrading to a Verbum Plus library, you only get more resources and features.

What if I’m just now buying a Verbum Plus library? Do I miss out on the old features? 

Nope. All the features of the old versions are included in the Verbum Plus libraries. All the books you buy in Verbum are yours to keep forever. The only difference in the new version is additional functionality and books. Check out the video below to learn more about what’s new in the Verbum Plus libraries:


Update: We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the International Upgrades. If you are an international customer trying to upgrade, please call 877-542-7664 or email to get your new library.

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    • The Verbum Plus libraries are upgrades to the original Verbum libraries. For Capstone, many new resources have been added in addition to tools and features like the Catholic Topical Index. Go to to log in and see your custom upgrade price.

  • Awesome! I was just able to take advantage of a very nice upgrade to my existing Verbum library as part of the Black Friday specials. I am looking forward to using the added capability of the Catholic Topical Index as well as some new resources that filled a gap in my existing library.

    Very Nice!

  • I tried to upgrade and received the message:

    “Unable to distribute Verbum Foundations+ Upgrade to your billing country.”


Written by Aric