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Because we’re running our biggest upgrade sale we’ve ever had, we’ve been getting in a lot of calls from customers wondering what’s in the fine print. I’ve received questions about whether or not users have to pay for the same books twice, and why it’s worth their investment.

Here’s what you need to know:

You never pay for the same book twice.

If you’re upgrading to a bigger base-package, (whether you’re upgrading from Logos 4 or getting a bigger Verbum package) your upgrade price will never include books you already own. Our custom discounting engine takes into consideration 100% of the books and datasets you already own and gives you a corresponding discount on a Verbum base package. In other words, you only pay for items that are brand-new to you. 

You never lose any books

Occasionally we hear from customers that the one thing holding them back from upgrading is their fear of losing books. And rightly so: Many of you have invested thousands of dollars with us. One of our top priorities is ensuring that your investment is safe. That’s why we’ve committed to making sure all your books will always work in the latest versions of our software. Even books purchased 20 years ago still work in Verbum today. And we’ve provided free updates to new file formats and added new tagging and functionality—again, for free.

So rest assured that when you move to Verbum you bring all of your existing library of books along with you, for free—and you benefit from the advances we’ve made by adding new tagging. Once you buy books, they’re yours for life. And they just keep getting better, with no additional cost to you.

We’re here to help

If you ever have any questions about upgrading, your resources, or anything having to do with your software, just contact us and let us know. You can call in at 877-542-7664, visit the forums, or leave a comment right here in the combox.

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  • I got my first version of Logos (2.0) back around 1993. Over the years I have added many books and upgrades. At one point I had the Jerome Biblical Commentary, the best Catholic Commentary available, in my opinion. I also was told that you never lose books, nor have to pay for them twice. When I upgraded, I was told there was no need to keep the old disks. I eventually lost the JBC, and once I noticed it, I was told that I could not get it back. Logos only kept records back till about 2000, and I needed to produce an old product or key number which I no longer had, because I was told you could never lose a book. Maybe you should say you cannot lose a book after 2000.

    I lost the JBC in an upgrade that I paid more for.

    • Sorry to hear about that loss Kevin. Here’s what happened: before Logos was able to back-up online licenses, your hard copy (on the disk) was your book. That means that if you lost your disk, you lost your book (just like if you lost a real book). If someone told you that you didn’t need to keep your old disks, they were mistaken, and we apologize for that. At this point, Logos no longer owns the rights to this resource, so it would be impossible to give it to because it doesn’t exist on our servers (not to mention it would be illegal because of copyright issues).

      So, in one sense, you’re right; if you have lost discs that you purchased before the transition to online licenses, that data is gone—just like if you lost a real book somewhere in the garage. On the other hand, if you still own those disks, they can be synced with your current library and will continue to be updated so as to function in any upcoming Logos/Verbum release.

      Sorry again to hear about the confusion. I’ll be checking to see if there’s anything else I can do to remedy the situation

      • Fortunately, I still have the JBC and it appears to work fine with my Verbum/Logos 5. I also agree that the JBC is one of the best Catholic Commentaries available.

        Questions… Just to be sure…
        1) I take it you mean that I still have to keep my original disks and manually re-install the JBC from the original disc if I upgrade in the future or need to reinstall Logos on a new computer. Right?
        2) Do I still need to keep a record of my old product key?

        3) Is there anyway I can get the JBC onto my Verbum app on my iPad?

      • Here’s how it works:

        As of right now, you have the JBC in Verbum (and will always have it when you upgrade) because the book file exists on your computer.

        Logos no longer has the legal ability to distribute copies of the book file anymore, which means that if you were to buy a new computer and instal Logos/Verbum on it, you would not have the JBC. This is because the book file doesn’t exist on our servers.

        So, if you ever plan on purchasing a new computer, keep both your original disks and the old product key (just in case you lose your disk.)

Written by Aric