How to use Verbum for Apologetics (pt. 7)

In this final week of Easter, we’ve decided to do something special. Below, of course, is the final Easter apologetics training video, featuring the Scott Hahn Collection which you can get now at 15% off. But we’ve also decided to give 15% off of every one of the apologetic resources we’ve featured during this Easter season. If you missed a deal on a resource this week, you still have one last chance to grab it before Pentecost this coming Sunday. The coupon code VerbumEaster2013 gets you 15% off all of the apologetic resources listed below in addition to any Verbum base package we offer.

In the mean time, watch the video below for some tips on integrating some of Dr. Scott Hahn’s great works with the rest of your titles in your Verbum Library:

Get any of these resources for 15% off with the coupon code VerbumEaster2013 !

Happy seventh week of Easter!


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  • Rats. This coupon code is no longer valid…. Pentecost is part of the Easter season, correct?

Written by Aric