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Fr. Andrew Dalton and Fr. Devin Roza at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome just finished a new series of training videos for Verbum 9.

You can watch the whole training series on Youtube. It’s also available within Verbum for anyone who purchased Verbum 9. We’ll be highlighting individual videos here on the blog over the coming weeks. Even longtime users of Verbum report learning something new, so don’t miss these!

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  • It is curious that Verbum has enhanced the Homily Builder and Liturgy Layout features and interactivity but still has not incorporated into the Catholic Library The Extraordinary Form into Verbum’s Lectionary. Active participating in the Tridentine Mass (The Mass of All Time) is growing exponentially and greatly among young Catholics and is becoming present in more and more Dioceses and Parishes worldwide. This phenomenon of worship in the Vetus Ordo Rite – extant since the publication of Paul VI’s Rite, which the Holy Father termed the Novus Ordo – was catalyzed, accelerated by Pope Benedict XVI’s 2007 Apostolic Letter, Summorum Pontificum. This uptrend is manifest among the Episcopacy, Priests, Religious Orders, their Tertiaries, and Laity worldwide.

    Verbum 9 has so enhanced its Homily Builder that it is of great value, not just for homilies but also for teachers, study groups, and catechesis.
    But is has little utility at all to those who worship, study, and catechize in the Extraordinary Form (one of two in the same Roman Rite, according to Pope Benedict), relative to the Tridentine Liturgy.

    Regarding Verbum’s Lectionary, liturgically-focused Verbum customers are able to access, study, and compare the Lectionaries of The Church with other Lectionaries (my Library includes with the Ordinary Form: 4 Lutheran, 2 Episcopalian, 3 Byzantine, 1 Methodist, and a Common one which based on the Ordinary Form’s Catholic Lectionary). But we have no access to the Lectionary of the Extraordinary Form, despite the acknowledgement – by a contemporary Pope, a brilliant Theologian and Liturgist – that the Rite has always been of the Roman Catholic Faith, always and everywhere valid and licit.

    Please, without delay, devote the necessary Verbum resources to avail your Customers to the Usus Antiquior in Verbum’s Lectionary.

    Dignum et iustum est.

    Pax Christi

Written by Verbum