Save 18% on the The Select Works of Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI


Right now, you can still get this important collection at a special Pre-Pub price. The print edition for this huge 21-volume set would be well over $300, but you can get the full-featured digital texts now for just $179.95.

Along with our collection containing all the writings of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI during his pontificate, the Select Works of Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI provides you with Ratzinger’s most essential writings on the Church, politics, Mary, faith, and more. This collection—21 volumes—amasses just shy of 4,000 pages, giving you an incredibly comprehensive body of work by one of the greatest scholars, theologians, and religious teachers of the twenty-first century.

With the recent conclusion of Benedict XVI’s papacy, this collection couldn’t be any timelier. Spanning from some of his early publications—such as Theology of History in Bonaventure, in 1971—to his most recent Dogma and Preaching: Applying Christian Doctrine to Daily Life, published in 2011, this collection traces the development of Joseph Ratzinger’s thought.

These texts come alive in Verbum, linking Ratzinger’s scriptural and theological references to other works in your library. Renowned resources in both theology and philosophy, Joseph Ratzinger’s works become a catalyst for more profound and deeply integrated study within your Verbum library.

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