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What Does Your Family Bible Look Like?

This guest post was written by Kathryn Heltsley.

For many, the term “family Bible” conjures up images of a large, elaborate book with embossing on the cover and gilt-edged pages. But what if everyone in your family had a Bible in their pocket, purse, or backpack—and used it regularly?

The theme of National Bible Week 2015 is “The Bible: A Book for the Family.” Let’s take a look at how Verbum can help facilitate the use of the Bible in your family.

Verbum puts the Bible in your hands through devices that you use every day. Open up the homepage or mobile app, and there are the day’s Mass Readings. You can also customize your own reading plan—perhaps studying the Gospel of Luke during Advent—and share it with your family or your local parish with Faithlife Groups.

Verbum’s software features bring the Bible to life with historical context, maps, images, root words, and more. Your family can read a passage in the Bible, and then explore pictures of where the narrative took place, and learn about the cultural context. You can discuss the significance of professions like fisherman or tax collector in Biblical times, look up the original Greek and Hebrew meanings of words, compare Bible translations side-by-side, or dig deeper into a text with a biblical commentary.

Church teaching is also relevant and accessible with Verbum. Discuss contemporary issues from a Catholic perspective. As your kids study Catholic teaching, find answers to their questions straight from the Catechism or Youcat with just a few clicks. Let the Doctors of the Church join in your discussions with access to their writings. Verbum has even created a high school theology curriculum based on the USCCB Doctrinal Framework. Whatever your level, Verbum provides a myriad of ways for you and your family to engage with and enjoy Scripture.

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Pre-Publication Special: Pontifical Council for the Family Collection (10 vols.)

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Understanding the role and importance of the family is increasingly important in our modern age, and the questions that circle around it continue to grow. What are the rights of the unborn? What constitutes a marriage? How do we participate in the discourse about population growth? What about birth control? Divorce?

These questions are difficult and important. They’re universal questions affecting all of us—individuals and society.

The Pontifical Council for Family Collection spans 20 years of crucial texts regarding family, marriage, sexuality, and globalization. In Verbum, these documents link to other relevant resources in your library—helping you study not just the modern discourse surrounding these issues, but also the historical and Scriptural context in which they are rooted.

Add these resources to your Verbum library to start studying the family with more context and authority.

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