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What Does Your Family Bible Look Like?

This guest post was written by Kathryn Heltsley.

For many, the term “family Bible” conjures up images of a large, elaborate book with embossing on the cover and gilt-edged pages. But what if everyone in your family had a Bible in their pocket, purse, or backpack—and used it regularly?

The theme of National Bible Week 2015 is “The Bible: A Book for the Family.” Let’s take a look at how Verbum can help facilitate the use of the Bible in your family.

Verbum puts the Bible in your hands through devices that you use every day. Open up the homepage or mobile app, and there are the day’s Mass Readings. You can also customize your own reading plan—perhaps studying the Gospel of Luke during Advent—and share it with your family or your local parish with Faithlife Groups.

Verbum’s software features bring the Bible to life with historical context, maps, images, root words, and more. Your family can read a passage in the Bible, and then explore pictures of where the narrative took place, and learn about the cultural context. You can discuss the significance of professions like fisherman or tax collector in Biblical times, look up the original Greek and Hebrew meanings of words, compare Bible translations side-by-side, or dig deeper into a text with a biblical commentary.

Church teaching is also relevant and accessible with Verbum. Discuss contemporary issues from a Catholic perspective. As your kids study Catholic teaching, find answers to their questions straight from the Catechism or Youcat with just a few clicks. Let the Doctors of the Church join in your discussions with access to their writings. Verbum has even created a high school theology curriculum based on the USCCB Doctrinal Framework. Whatever your level, Verbum provides a myriad of ways for you and your family to engage with and enjoy Scripture.

Although National Bible Week 2015 is drawing to a close, it’s not too late to save on some key Bible study resources—pick them up before November 22!

Verbum’s $5 Million Giveaway

Verbum’s $5 million dollar grant to Catholic high schools is well under way and we’ve had amazing success in connecting to great Catholic schools. Today, we want to turn the spotlight onto two of our grant recipients: Benet Academy and Hackett Catholic Preparatory High School.

Founded in 1887 and staffed by the Benedictine monks of St. Procopius Abbey, Benet Academy has a long history of academic and spiritual excellence. Freshman theology teacher Kevin Clemens advocated for Benet to apply for the Verbum grant and is looking forward to spearheading the use of our curriculum in the fall. Students will begin to use the Lumen curriculum on iPads, and Mr. Clemens is looking forward to being able to introduce students to the riches of the faith in new and exciting ways:

The ability to move seamlessly within Verbum from the Scriptures to the Catechism to the writings of the popes and Church Fathers has greatly improved my ability to develop dynamic lessons. My hope for using Verbum more widely in the classroom is that my students not just study about Jesus Christ, but rather encounter Him in the living word as we receive it from the Church.

It doesn’t hurt that Benet alumnus, Fr. Robert Barron, is featured throughout the Lumen curriculum in his popular Word on Fire videos. This partnership between Verbum and Benet Academy fits right in to the solidly Catholic ethos of the school.

Another notable grant recipient is Hackett Catholic Prep in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Deacon Kurt Lucas teaches in the Theology department at Hackett and has been an enthusiastic advocate of the Lumen program. Deacon Kurt has been a faithful Verbum user since 2006 and is very excited that Verbum has launched a high school program. He hopes to expand use of the curriculum to the higher grade levels ASAP. We look forward to working with Hackett Prep and all our Verbum grant schools.

It’s not too late for your school to take advantage of our grant program! Visit and contact us today to get your share of $5 million dollars in curriculum software.

Verbum at the Religious Education Congress!

March 13-15, Anaheim Convention Center

The Religious Education Congress is the largest annual gathering of its kind in the world. The four-day event is held at the Anaheim Convention Center and is sponsored by the Los Angeles Office of Religious Education. Started in 1968 as an “institute” for religious education (CCD) teachers, the Religious Education Congress has grown to include people of all vocations and different faiths.

Verbum will have a strong presence at the Congress this year with two booths: one for English and the other for Spanish.

Come see us in booths 767 and 769! We’ll be featuring our new Spanish Products, Esencial and Esencial Bilingüe, and our $5 million high school curriculum giveaway.

Our own Juan Pablo Saju will be making two Spanish presentations:

1) Conocer a Jesús para ser eficaces en el liderazgo parroquial (4-57)
Saturday, 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

2) La misión instrumento esencial del líder parroquial (8-56)
Sunday, 1:00 p.m.-2:30.

We’re giving away an iPad, as well, so stop by and introduce yourself. We look forward to meeting you!


Verbum’s $5 Million High School Curriculum Giveaway!

This guest post was written by Robert Klesko, Catholic Educational Resources Product Manager.

Our mission at Verbum is to provide the best tools for the study of the Catholic faith, and we want to do something tangible to really reach out and help people.

Our latest effort is aimed at Catholic high schools. Last year, we began development on a high school theology curriculum, with courses and teaching resources based on the USCCB Curriculum Framework.

We want incoming freshman in schools with a 1-1 technology program to have the best in Catholic educational software for their faith formation.

We are confident our product will be a game-changer in Catholic education. And, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is—$5 million dollars’ worth!

That’s right: we’re giving away up to $5 million of our high school curriculum.

All a school has to do is contact us for an application and, if accepted, pay a $2,500 fee for intensive faculty training. Pretty simple!

We genuinely care about Catholic education and we want young people using our software to gain a deeper understanding of their faith—so we’re giving it away!

Spread the word! Tell your friends! Post us on Facebook! Go to: for more and to for details about our grant program.

Teaching and Learning with Verbum’s New High School Curriculum

This guest post is by Robert Klesko, Catholic Educational Resources Product Manager at Verbum.

“You are all missionary disciples of Christ. With your help, students will love and serve Jesus Christ in the world.”

Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan, Bishop of Camden

I heard the above words during an in-service for Theology teachers in the Diocese of Camden that I was blessed to attend earlier this month. While I was in New Jersey to present the new Verbum High School Curriculum to high school teachers, and the Bishop’s words resonated with my teacher’s heart. Indeed, his words provide a point of reflection for us all.

Anyone involved in teaching the faith is a missionary and our missionary work extends to classrooms, RCIA programs, Bible studies, weekend homilies, and prison ministry. Jesus commands us to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt. 28:19). One of our special tasks, of course, is to pass on the faith to our young people, and we at Verbum take this divine duty very seriously. As a high school theology teacher, I used to strive every day spark my students’ interest and desire for meaning. There are so many competing voices in the world vying for our attention, and this is especially true for adolescents. My goal was to make the faith relevant, exciting, and engaging on a daily basis, and I did this by integrating technology into the classroom. Technology is the currency of the modern student. At Verbum, we have embraced the great gifts of technology and used it to form a compelling, dynamic, and Spirit-charged tool for the proclamation of the kerygma.

When I was invited to join Verbum and work on our digital high school theology curriculum, I was opened up to the great possibilities that this technology has in store with all levels of theological instruction. Verbum allows you to engage the vast Catholic tradition directly while simultaneously being part of a wider network of learners. As a teacher, I always wondered how to make complicated group work and collaboration more effective, and Verbum provides an excellent answer by gathering people of common interest and mission into a community. Perfect for face-to-face instruction with its various interactive tools, wonderful for facilitating learning beyond the borders of the traditional classroom, Verbum makes education possible where you are.

It was these capabilities that I was pleased to share with my fellow teachers in Camden and in my meetings with educators across the country. The response has been overwhelmingly positive:

  • Father Allain Caparas, Director of Catholic Identity at Gloucester Catholic, noted the “need to use technology to reach our students,” and concluded that Verbum would be a great benefit to help students become active learners, and defenders, of the faith. “[Verbum is] worth our time and worth our investment (Catholic Star Herald).[1]
  • “Every Catholic high school that is serious about providing a passionate, compelling evangelization and catechesis to students should investigate the Verbum curriculum” says Marie Pitt-Payne, Theology teacher at St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, the first Verbum-equipped school.

Again and again, I have encountered administrators and educators who have had epiphanies about ways that Verbum can transform high school religious education. Part of this epiphany is Verbum’s ability to put the great sources of the faith at the fingertips of students in an accessible and searchable way:

“Students crave depth and answers; they need hard information,” said Janice Schumann, a Senior Religion teacher from Wildwood Catholic.

The knowledge that Verbum provides, with its “documents that demonstrate that scholars and saints have studied and researched the faith,” will inspire students to do the same, Schumann believes (Catholic Star Herald).

Combining the vast Catholic tradition and cutting-edge software tools in a compelling curriculum for high school students, Verbum is opening minds and hearts to the possibility of teaching the faith in a new and engaging way. Verbum is pushing the paradigm to new heights and changing the way teaching and learning are taking place. We do this because we believe that we are all missionaries—“laborers in the vineyard” (Mt. 20:8)— of the Lord, and our goal is to create inspired believers for the future.

If you’re reading this blog, please take some time to think about anyone you know who has an active role in ministry in the Church. Tell them about Verbum and invite them to invest in our powerful software. Consider adopting Verbum for your school, or visit to see how it can help you improve your own personal ministry.

For more information about the Verbum High School Curriculum—including a visit to your Catholic high school!— please contact Robert at

[1] Original article can be found at:

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