Carl McColman: Why Get the Lewis Collection in Verbum

C.S. Lewis’ writing is beloved by Catholic readers. Carl McColman reviews our September sale on the 30-volume C.S. Lewis Collection and explains why reading Lewis in Verbum is preferable to reading in a plain e-reader:

In this excerpt, Carl McColman reviews our September sale and explains why reading Lewis in Verbum is preferable to reading in a plain e-reader:

But why buy the Verbum collection? Why not just download all these books on the Kindle? Getting them on Verbum means integrating your C.S. Lewis books with all the other books in your Verbum library—all the Scripture passages will link back to your favorite Bible versions, which basically means you can consult Lewis when doing your Bible study.

Although you can install Verbum on your phone or tablet and use it as an ordinary ebook reader, the fact that your Verbum library is integrated with the Bible, the Catholic Catechism, and other essential books on the faith means that you can read Lewis alongside many of the great authors who inspired him.

Grab the C.S. Lewis Collection for 30% off while you still can. This rare sale ends midnight Sept. 24.

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Read the rest of McColman’s review on his blog.


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  • Whoever owns the rights to the works of C. S. Lewis is trying to milk them for every dollar they can extort from his inspired writings. Not only that, they will not allow Logos to sell individual titles separate from the library. This is a crying shame, for it places this library way outside the reach of many people who could benefit from them.

    I tried to purchase “The Screwtape Letters” separately a while back, and you can imagine my surprise to learn that it can only be purchased as part of the library bundle.

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