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The sacraments are essential to the Church and they define the most important events in the lives of believers. Gaining a greater knowledge and love of the sacraments allows Christians to live out the reality of these gifts more fully.

The Guide to the Sacraments Collection (7 vols.), now in Pre-Pub, is an ideal resource for priests, catechists, seminarians, and religious educators. Authors such as Kenan B. Osborne and Cardinal Thomas Collins explore the underlying significance of the sacraments, trace their development through history, and examine the place of each sacrament in the post-Vatican II Church.

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The Guide to the Sacraments Collection emphasizes practical knowledge for understanding, teaching, and implementing the sacraments. It offers a general introduction to sacramental theology, guidelines on sacramental basics, an overview of what the sacraments mean today, and much more.

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Get the Guide to the Sacraments Collection (7 vols.) for 28% off, but buy it before the product ships and the price goes up!

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