What’s the Recent Catholic Scholarship On . . . ?

Ever curious about a theological topic, and want to know the latest developments on the matter?

Check out the What Are They Saying About . . . Series—22% off for a limited time through our Pre-Pub program, which offers you a lower price when you order a product before it’s finished (think Kickstarter).

This series includes 18 volumes on specific biblical books or themes by respected authors and theologians like Mark Allan Powell, Daniel J. Harrington, Donald Senior, and Warren Carter.

Each volume surveys scholarship from the 1960s onward and offers modern perspectives on biblical studies while discussing more recent developments in Catholic teaching and theology.

Volumes in this collection include:

  • What Are They Saying about the Trinity? — Anne Hunt delves into contemporary developments in Roman Catholic Trinitarian theology that reveal the profoundly relational character of the Trinity.
  • What Are They Saying about Paul and the End Time? — Joseph Plevnik explores the development of Pauline eschatological thought along with ongoing scholarly discussions on the topic.
  • What Are They Saying about Environmental Theology? — John Hart tackles the relationship between environmentalism and faith, offering a comprehensive exposition and analysis of Catholic Church teachings on environmental themes. He presents essential elements of a holistic environmental theology that interrelates concern for creation, community, and the common good.

Additional volumes discuss the authorship and date of the biblical texts, liberation and feminist theologies, and the historical Jesus.

The What Are They Saying About . . . Series is especially valuable in digital form, as it integrates into your entire theological library and all your Verbum tools.

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