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Advent affords us a moment to slow down and reflect upon the ensuing Christmas mysteries. We’re called to set aside our normal pace and set our minds on higher things. These mysteries were fresh in the mind of the early Church. We want you to have a chance to look back to the life of the early Church and reflect upon the creeds that grew as a result of this deep meditation. Follow the development of the early creeds and their theological underpinnings and prepare yourself to enter more deeply into the Christmas mysteries.

For the month of December, Verbum Now members enjoy the following benefits:

J. N. D. Kelly’s Early Christian Doctrines and Creeds (2 vols.)

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40% off last month’s resource

Hopefully you got a good chance to take advantage of studying Thomas Aquinas last month as part of your preview resource. If you didn’t get enough, you can enjoy a 40% discount and continue to explore the legacy Aquinas has left on the Church.

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Verbum Now Free Book of the Month

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25% off Verbum 7 Library

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