Four Great Reasons to Become a Verbum Now Member in June

If you’d love to use even more features with your Verbum software as well as get access to additional resources, Verbum Now membership is a great option. Verbum Now is a membership program that gives you free resources, big discounts, exclusive features, and more every single month. If you’re not a member yet, here are four great reasons to join in June:

1. You can get Bloomsbury Studies in Modern Orthodox Theology (3 vols.) for 40% off.

These three volumes examine distinct theological doctrines and issues within the modern Church. Learn how the doctrine of theosis developed through patristic and medieval authors and how its foundation applies to modern Church questions. Analyze Elisabeth Behr-Sigel’s arguments in favor of women serving in the priesthood, as well as her views on feminism and Protestantism. And study the thought and theology of Maximus, now considered the culmination of the Greek patristic tradition.

2. You can gain insights from the Church Origins Collection (10 vols.) all month long.

Verbum Now members get a free, full-access preview for the month of June of the Church Origins Collection (10 vols.). Written by top scholars of the New Testament, this collection captures the earliest development of the church in history, theology, and theory. Each volume explores different aspects of the cultural, doctrinal and traditional landscape of the budding church. These include the church’s roots in and relationships with the Graeco-Roman, Judaic, and Mesopotamian worlds, its integration into African and European cultures, its ministerial life and doctrines, and more.

3. You can choose a free book this month—and every month!

Choose a free book from over 3,000 titles by using coupon code NOWFREEBOOKJUNE18. Select your free book from classics, collected works, Bibles, commentaries, devotionals, and more.

4. You will have access to all Verbum 7 features, Verbum 8 early-release features, and more!

When you’re a Verbum Now member, you get access to all Verbum 7 features, regardless of your base package. And you also get to use all of the Verbum 8 early-release features as well as exclusive, subscription-only features.

Don’t miss out on all these special offers this month. If you’re not a Verbum Now member, join now for all these resources and more!

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