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The Letters of St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

The Letters of St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan provides a translation of St. Ambrose’s correspondence with emperors, clergy, theological opponents, and leaders in both the East and the West. With brief introductions to each letter, you instantly get a glance into the context of each letter, and with translation notes on every page, you’ll find deeper theological insights contained in Ambrose’s writing.

A Meditation on the Incarnation of Christ

Thomas à Kempis’ reflections on testimonies concerning the Incarnation from the Old and New Testaments. Also included are 35 sermons, including 5 Christmas sermons and the short essay “Hearing and Speaking Good Words.”

Christian Philosophy in the Early Church

Fr. Anthony Meredith a concise and accessible overview of the response of early Christian thought to classical philosophy and its integration into Christian theology.

Save Now on November Preview Resources

For a limited time, Verbum Now members also enjoy discounts on the following resources, which were featured as previews in November:

Modern Christian Theology
The Apostolic Fathers, part 1, vol 1
The Apostolic Fathers, part 1, vol 2

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