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Modern Christian Theology

Christopher Ben Simpson tells the story of modern Christian theology against the backdrop of the history of modernity itself. Modern Christian Theology examines the many ways that theology became modern while seeing how modernity arose in no small part from theology. These intertwined stories progress through four parts, spanning from the beginnings of modernity in the late Middle Ages and progressing through the Protestant Reformation, the Enlightenments and awakenings of the eighteenth-century, the nineteenth-century, and through the twentieth-century’s crisis—covering each key personalities or movements from Karl Barth to the nouvelle théologie, liberation theology, and conservative Protestantism in America.

The Apostolic Fathers, part 1, vol 1 and vol 2: St. Clement of Rome

Joseph Barber Lightfoot was an important nineteenth-century Anglican scholar of the Apostolic Fathers, who published editions and translations of them and is particularly known for his defense of the authenticity of the letters of St. Ignatius. Part 1 of his Apostolic Fathers includes his edition and studies on the writings of St. Clement of Rome.

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T&T Clark Companion to the Septuagint
The International Theological Commentary: Joel
Classic Studies on the New Testament Apocrypha (12 vols.)
Collected Homilies of St. John Chrysostom
History of Old Testament Interpretation Collection (14 vols.)
Romans through History and Culture Series (5 vols.)

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