Top 10 Catholic Searches

Top 10 Catholic Searches

Top 10 Catholic Searches

Verbum is a powerful tool for discovering new and beautiful facets of the Catholic Faith. If you’ve ever used Verbum, you already appreciate that fact. If not, we’ve compiled a helpful infographic to highlight what Catholics are searching for—and what they’re discovering.

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Top 10 Catholic Searches

The highlighted search results came from the following Verbum resources:

10. Faith: Lumen Fidei

9. Compassion: Summa Theologica

8. Scripture: Dei Verbum (Vatican II Documents)

7. Jesus: RSVCE

6. Purgatory: The Council of Trent

5. Marriage: Gaudium et spes (Vatican II Documents)

4. Mercy: Angelus on March 17, 2013 (A Year with Pope Francis)

3. Love: NABRE 

2. Baptism: St. Ambrose, Commentary on Luke (Catena Aurea)

1. Eucharist: Catechism of the Catholic Church 

Most of these resources (and many more!) are available in a Verbum library—find the one that’s right for you!


Written by
Brody Stewart
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  • I downloaded the Verbum app so that I could get the free book. I’m unable to find the book. All I see are options to buy other books, What am I doing wrong?

  • Living here in the Philippines now for the past 3 years & surrounded by Catholics its good to have other perspectives & I’m believing thats where VERBUM comes in with great insights. Thank you so much for that & keep up the good work.

Written by Brody Stewart