What’s New in Verbum Now 6.5?

Thanks for being a member of Verbum Now. We’re excited to be launching new features, media, and datasets that are available to you now.

Psalms Explorer Dataset

The Psalms Explorer dataset makes the Psalms Explorer data searchable, giving you the ability to search the Psalms with Verbum’s powerful search functionality. Discover a Psalms’ author, genre, theme, and more.

Addressees in Reported Speech

Quickly locate all the places where a person, place, or thing is spoken to in the biblical texts. Find everywhere Satan speaks to Jesus. Or, look for all the places Jesus prays to the Father. You can even search for everywhere Jesus speaks to the city Jerusalem and find where he laments over its coming destruction.

Concordance: Works Cited

The Works Cited concordance pulls out references by page number, bibliographic citations, and direct hyperlinks to other resources. This enables you to open a commentary volume and run a Works Cited concordance to see which resources the author consulted most frequently.

Names of God Interactive

With the Names of God Interactive, you can find all of the names of God and where they occur in the Old and New Testaments. Narrow your search to specific genres of biblical literature such as prose, instruction, and Law.

RSVCE Hebrew Old Testament Reverse Interlinear

The English text of the RSVCE has been aligned to the Hebrew Old Testament. Access Hebrew Bible Word Studies, compare translations using sympathetic highlighting or search for biblical people, places, and things right from the text of the RSVCE.

Plus new resources for you to try throughout August

Enjoy access to three additional books: The Life and Letters of St. Francis Xavier, vol. 1–2 and A Manual of Apologetics.

We’re also continuing to add to and improve our web app. We recently made the following updates to app.verbum.com:

  • Panel management/tabs: open as many resources as you want and rearrange things to your liking.
  • Autocomplete in Passage Guides and Bibles: get suggestions for the reference you enter in the input boxes.

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Kathryn Hogan
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  • I have Verbum Now 6.5. How do I use the Psalm Explorer? Where can I find it? How do I use it? Thanks.

    • Thanks for subscribing, Joe! The Psalms Explorer is actually part of our Verbum 6 Master library. Verbum Now only gives you access to the features we’ve developed (and will develop) since we launched Verbum 6. The best way to get the Psalms Explorer is to upgrade to Verbum 6 Master (a relatively small jump, since it looks like you already own Scholar). Give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the best deal on your upgrade: 877-542-7664.

Written by Kathryn Hogan