Verbum Monthly Sale: Man to Man, Dad to Dad by Brian Caulfield

Explore a wide range of contemporary Catholic writers on the topic of fatherhood during the Verbum Monthly Sale.

Here is an excerpt from Man to Man, Dad to Dad by Brian Caulfield, 10% off during November!

 The joys of fatherhood are many. Yet today, there exist many questions and uncertainties about the role of a father in the life of his children and family. What does it mean to be a man and a father in today’s world when some even question the need for a father? The slippers-and-pipe image of the all-knowing dad from the 1950s has long since passed—perhaps for the better—but have we developed any workable image to take its place? Indeed, we have few guides in this new world of easy divorce, widespread single motherhood, and women choosing children alone through sperm donors and in-vitro fertilization or adoption. We men may wonder if our paternal role is valued at all in the law or the culture. Some may feel that their instinct to protect and provide for a family is negated by women who have better educations and higher-paying jobs. In the wake of such seismic changes in relations between the sexes, in what way can we men be valued for our unique masculine strengths and virtues? (2)

From the publisher:

The value of fatherhood in contemporary society is more uncertain than ever before. This collection of faith-filled reflections by 14 Catholic men affirms the value of a Catholic father’s identity and purpose in the context of modern society. Acknowledging the constant struggle to strike a balance between family life and work life, this volume provides fathers with a realistic approach to making their relationships with God, their wives, and their children more involved and fulfilling.

man-to-man-dad-to-dad-catholic-faith-and-fatherhood (1)Blending personal anecdotes from Catholic fathers, biblical teaching, and allusions to Church doctrine and figures of authority, this guidebook helps Catholic dads find the path to living as faithful family men.

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Written by Kathryn Hogan