New in Verbum 6: Psalms Explorer

The Psalms Explorer is one of Verbum’s new interactive media features. It is available in Verbum Master and Verbum Capstone, and it allows you to engage the biblical text in a whole new way.

I really enjoyed digging into the psalms and discovering the poetic beauty of their structure.

And I know I’m only scratching the surface in this video.

Written by
Alex Renn
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  • Excellent video — thanks! The Psalms Explorer makes me want to spend time learning about the structure and parallelism of the Psalms. (For folks wanting to investigate this tool, check out the “About & Bibliography” link for this interactive tool’s excellent documentation.)

  • How did you folks know i have Psalms classes to teach in 2015? I am in a hotel room in Taipei, on business halfway round the world from my home in Colorado, but all i want to do it explore this marvelous tool. I was wondering if the upgrade was worth it, especially around the holidays. Wow, this really rocks, and it sure was worth it!

  • All I can say is Wow! This is going to be helpful in selecting Psalms for prayer services on different occasions and assisting in teaching. NIce feature!

Written by Alex Renn