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Scott Hahn’s Catholic Bible Dictionary is a landmark publication in its own right, but in Verbum it’s full potential is unlocked. It’s an enormous compendium of biblical topics, characters, and definitions; all 5,000-plus entries are replete with Scripture references and detailed definitions.

Imagine a page like this in Verbum, where each of the entries are easily searchable and linked to other resources in your digital library:

Abel 1

The Catholic Bible Dictionary doesn’t just give you simple definitions. Key characters and concepts have pages devoted to themes, questions, and other relevant topics. Here’s an example from the entry on Abraham:

Abraham 1

In print, this volume is big, heavy, and difficult to carry around. With Verbum, you can carry around this 1,000-plus-page volume on your phone, tablet, or laptop—with all the added functionality and tools that you need for thorough, powerful study.

In this massive work, Scott Hahn draws from two millennia of scholarship to create an accessible, comprehensive tool for deeper and more rewarding biblical study.

A perfect study companion for layman and serious scholar alike, the Catholic Bible Dictionary is an invaluable asset to your Verbum library.

Get it today for 23% off!

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  • This is a fantastic book. I have had this in hard cover since 2009, I use it frequently. I payed $40, and I ma purchasing it again in Logos format, it is that important of a resource for studying the Bible.

    • I agree completely Antonius—we’re really excited to start using this in Verbum!

    • I agree with you, Antonius and Aric! This will go to the top of my prioritized resources for Bible Dictionaries. Hey Verbum, I’d like to suggest the Dictionary of the Bible by John McKenzie SJ (Touchstone 1995). That’s another good one.

Written by Aric