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SchillebeeckxEdward Schillebeeckx was among the twentiethcentury’s most influential Catholic theologians. Born in Belgium in 1914, and ordained to the priesthood in 1941, he studied—and later taught—theology and philosophy. As a member of the Dominican order, his intellectual and academic approach to the study of theology garnered him much acclaim with the Dutch bishops prior to the Second Vatican Council. As a result, Schillebeeckx became one of the most active theologians in the discussion of a wide range of issues, including the nature of the Church, the priesthood, and engagement with contemporary culture. His insights and perspective were crucial in the development of such pioneering constitutions as Dei Verbum and Lumen Gentium.
Despite Schillebeeckx’s important role surrounding the Second Vatican Council (or perhaps because of it), some of his works have stirred up controversy. How are we to engage with works such as Jesus, an Experiment in Christology? How, precisely, did his thinking influence the Church?
With Verbum’s suite of tools, you can read and understand Schillebeeckx’s entire works in one convenient location. Furthermore, each of these works is fully searchable and cross-referenced to every other resource in your library. With Verbum, you can see the connections between Schillebeeckx’s thoughts and their corresponding ideas in the Vatican II Documents. On top of all this, the collection includes Schillebeeckx: A Guide for the Perplexed, which guides readers through his more difficult points, and weaves them into the Church’s Tradition.
This unparalleled, fourteen-volume collection includes the entire body of Schillebeeckx’s work, as well as a collection of newly translated essays, contemporary academic discussions of Schillebeeckx’s writings, and a useful reader’s guide written by Stephan van Erp, a distinguished Schillebeeckx scholar.
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