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Verbum’s Companion to the Catechism Collection (2 vols.) is 25% off for a limited time through our Pre-Pub program, which offers you a lower price when you order a pre-published product.

The two-volume Companion to the Catechism Collection includes an introduction to the Catechism and a reference library that cross-references all texts and Scriptures used in the Catechism itself.

These two resources were written and developed by experts on the material, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, the Catechism’s general editor, and Joseph Cardinal Razinger, who at the time served as the head of the Bishops Commission for the implementation of the Catechism. [Read more…]

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Verbum’s high school textbook series is a revolutionary digital Catholic curriculum based on the USCCB Doctrinal Framework, including:

  • a library of over 200 supplementary texts and
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We are bringing cutting-edge technology and functionality to the study of the Faith to change the way students engage the Word. 1,700 students are already learning with Verbum!

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Study the Holy Family in Verbum

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family. In honor of this feast day, I thought we could take a quick look at Holy Family in Verbum. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to begin a study:

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The Year of Faith and Verbum’s Catechism Collection

Year of Faith LogoThe Year of Faith was instituted as an opportunity for every Catholic to turn toward Jesus Christ, encounter him in the Sacraments—especially the Eucharist—and rediscover the Faith and the Church. During the Year of Faith, Catholics were asked “to study and reflect on the documents of Vatican II and the catechism so that they may deepen their knowledge of the faith.”[1]

Though the Year of Faith is over in a formal sense, it persists through the Faithful who are called to study the Scriptures and Tradition so as to deeper their faith.

Verbum’s Catechism Collection is the perfect way to engage the Church’s call to study the Catechism and conciliar documents. With the Catechism Collection, you get all the Vatican II documents, two Bibles, the Sources of Catholic Dogma, the Catholic Lectionary, and more.

The best part? It’s only $49.95.

Open up a new world of study possibilities.

CatechismIn Verbum, the Catechism connects you to the entirety of the Faith. Open the most important citations in the Catechism with just one click. Jump from the Catechism to the Vatican II documents, and from the Vatican II documents to Scripture or other important Church councils. Study the Church’s Faith with confidence. Make new connections between Holy Scripture and the doctrines and dogma of the Church.

The Year of Faith has ended, but only in name. In many ways, the Year of Faith is extending into the next year and beyond as the Church continues look to Christ as the “One Savior of the world” (Porta Fidei 6). And, in many other ways, the Year of Faith will echo well into the halls of eternity as those who have made a profession of faith this year continue to seek out the kingdom of God.

Continue the year of Faith well beyond 2014 with the Catechism of the Catholic Church Collection in Verbum. Get it today for only $49.95.

5 Reasons Why You Should Study The Catechism In Verbum

Get any collection containing the Catechism for 15% off this month with the coupon code Catechism13. 

Catechism1) Your books are linked together.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a huge resource, not to mention the other eight volumes in this collection. In Verbum, the Catechism is linked to nearly 4,800 references to the Bible and other Church documents, so you’ll always know the teaching’s context. Seamlessly move from the Catechism to the Vatican II documents, the Church Fathers and to Scripture itself.

2) It’s affordable.  

For less than $50, you’ll get a dynamic collection that does more than any ereader. The Catechism Collection allows you to start digging deeper into Verbum without digging deeper into your wallet.

3) You get more than just the Catechism.

The Catechism collection contains a total of nine interlinked resources, including: 

  • Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Vatican II Documents
  • The Sources of Catholic Dogma
  • The Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent
  • The Catechism of the Council of Trent
  • The Decrees of the Vatican Council (Vatican I-English) 
  • Catholic Lectionary
  • The Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition
  • Douay-Rheims Bible

With the lectionary, Church and magisterial documents, and two Bibles at your disposal, studying the teachings of the Church has never been more intuitive.

4) You can study with anyone.

Tap into the power of Verbum by using Community Notes and starting study groups with friends, family, or fellow students. Log in to your Faithlife account and start a side-by-side discussion around the texts you’re studying—one that anyone using Verbum’s Catechism can see. No matter who you are, Verbum allows you to connect with others.

5) It’s everywhere you are.

Verbum syncs automatically to all your devices—mobile, tablet, or desktop. You can start studying the Church documents at home on your computer, and pick up right where you left off at a coffee shop on your tablet. Or you can skim through the readings of the day on your phone using the lectionary—making notes on any passages you find important—and share them with anyone you want.

The Catechism Collection is the best way to start studying the basics of the Catholic faith, and through the end of June, you can get the Catechism Collection for 15% off! If you want to add more books to your library, we’re even offering 15% off any of our base packages that include the Catechism until the end of the month.

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How to use the Catechism of the Catholic Church in Verbum


We’ve given some tips on setting up your Catechism Collection before, but we thought that in light of our Catechism special this month, we’d update it featuring the newest version of Verbum.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church in Verbum is the most powerful and user-friendly version of the Catechism ever made. With the ability to navigate between citations and annotations within the text, Verbum unlocks the power of the Catechism and the Church documents that are referenced within. However, in order to get the most out of the Catechism Collection in Verbum, you should set up a layout and learn a few techniques for using the various features within Verbum. Watch this video featuring the newest version of Verbum below for some ideas:

The Catechism in Verbum

This month, get 15% off any collection that includes the Catechism with the coupon code Catechism13

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the best starting point for any study into the Church’s vast teachings. It contains the culmination of doctrine and dogma put together over the history of the Church. The Catechism organizes these teachings in such a way that readers can understand the Catholic Faith from beginning to end, or easily navigate to specific theological topics they are interested in. The Catechism gives deep insight into the workings of the Church, the significance of man, and the glory of God. Pope John Paul II said, “In reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church we can perceive the wonderful unity of the mystery of God…”

In Verbum, the Catechism is transformed into an interactive library, giving those interested in the teachings of the Catholic Church a new and powerful way to study the Catholic Faith. Verbum links nearly 4,800 references to the Bible and other writings in the Catechism to the original sources, allowing readers to study the Catechism surrounded by the historical context from which it was compiled. You can read these documents side-by-side with the Catechism online or offline and, of course, take advantage of some of Verbum’s powerful tools while studying.

With 9 critical titles, including the Vatican II documents, the Catholic Lectionary, two different translations of the Bible, and a wide array of Church documents, Verbum’s Catechism Collection (priced at under $50) is an outstanding deal. You can save even more by getting one of the Verbum basic library packages, unlocking even more powerful tools and hundreds of texts within Verbum.

Watch this video for some quick tips and tricks when using the Catechism in Verbum!
Due to copy right restrictions, the Catechism is only available to customers living in the United States and its territories.

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