Clause Search In Verbum

Clause Search, one of Verbum’s most powerful and exciting new tools, is only available in Scripture Study and above. If you haven’ t upgraded yet, now is the time: upgrade discounts will never be this big again.

With Clause Search, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in Scripture. We’ve sifted through every single word in the Bible to tag function and part of speech, allowing you to find the people, places, and things behind pronouns and phrases. For instance, you can find every place in the Bible where Jesus (the subject) does something like heals (verb), even if the text references it indirectly—“he healed them” (Matt. 4:24).

Watch the video below to see Clause Search in action:

Upgrade now and start using the power of the Clause Search today!

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  • Clause Search is not “only available in Scripture Study and above”. It is also available (much cheaper) through the L5 Minimal Crossgrade. (And, of course, some of the Protestant base packages.)

    • Thanks for pointing that out, fgh. The idea was to highlight where the feature falls in the Verbum base package lineup, but you are absolutely right, the Minimal Crossgrade is cheaper for this exclusive feature.

      The other factor, though, is the vast number of resources you gain by upgrading to a new base package. For example, a Catholic Scholar’s owner could save $90 by purchasing the Minimal Crossgrade, but they would miss out on dozens of encyclicals, a plethora of modern and Medieval theology, and more. So as a standalone purchase, the Minimal Crossgrade is cheaper, but Scripture Study is a far better value.

Written by Aric