Why Upgrade To Capstone?

We’ve written before about how Capstone is the biggest bang for your buck. And it’s true: with Dynamic Pricing and payment plans you can get the entire Capstone library—over 1,000 books and resources—for as little as $91 per month.

Verbum-BPCApstone2But the biggest benefit to upgrading to Capstone is the important resources you’ll get that aren’t found in any other collection—and all at the steepest discount possible. Works like these are just a fraction of amazing resources you get when upgrading to Capstone:


These resources alone are enough to cover the standard upgrade price from a library like Scholar’s to Capstone, but of course there are much, much more. To see an exhaustive list of every new resource you get by upgrading to Capstone, click here and log in. Then, click the Capstone package and “New to you.”


There really is no better library for your money than Capstone. Call 877-542-7664 or visit the upgrade page (and log in) to see your custom price, and build your library today!

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