How to use Verbum for Apologetics (pt. 6)

It’s the sixth week of Easter, and this week we’ll be giving 15% off the Catholic Apologetics Collection with the coupon code CathApol2013. Below is a training video featuring this great collection. We’ll look at the topic of the eucharist and how Verbum can help you compile some great notes around this often controversial subject:

Also remember that there are only two weeks left to get in on our Easter Sale—15% off any one of our base packages with the coupon code VerbumEaster2013!


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  • These apologetics training videos during Eastertide have been terrific. Verbum is a complex software environment, and I’ve definitely learned a few things by seeing an experienced user in action. I had never explored the different ways to sort basic search results, for instance, and might had stuck to the default view if not for this most recent training vid. Even my notes files are structured more like footnotes as opposed to the almost wiki-like structure featured in this video. Keep up the great work! By helping existing customers get more out of their libraries, I think that these videos are adding real value to Verbum.

    • Thanks Brian! I’ve learned a few things myself just by making these videos. Verbum really is vast in scope, and there’s something new to learn every day. Let us know if you ever want to see a video on any feature in particular, I’m always up for a new exercise.

Written by Aric