Year of Faith—two months in

We’re nearly two months into the Year of Faith, and I have a confession to make to everyone in the Logos’ Year of Faith group: I am behind on the reading plan (“Read the CCC During the Year of Faith”).

So first of all, thank you and congratulations to those who are keeping up, especially those posting comments. I appreciate the email notifications because they keep me more accountable. (Not getting emails? Click here to set them up.) We’ve had some great discussions and comments, and people continue to join and add new and different perspectives. Let’s keep that going. Let’s ask even more questions. This is a superb learning opportunity, and I know I’m not getting as much out of it as I could. Are you?

To all the people like me who are floundering a bit: Let’s pick it up. Advent is a great time to do some extra Catechism reading. We’re really not that far behind—especially when you consider the dozen or so people who have joined the group this week. Let’s all catch up and discuss the text along the way. My goal is to be caught up by Christmas. Will I see you there?

The Year of Faith is a wonderful opportunity: The best part is that we’ve got an entire year to keep trying. Don’t give up now. We’ve only just begun. Remember to share to the “Logos’ Year of Faith” group and invite your friends. Our prayers are stronger in community. Let’s grow and share the Faith all year.

Think you missed some blogs? Need a tutorial on Faithlife or reading plans? Most of those links can be found in this post. Otherwise, let me know, and I will do my best to answer your questions. Why not go read a little right now?

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Alex Renn
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  • “” I am behind on the reading plan “”
    Don’t worry about being behind – just finish – even if it takes you 2 or more years -keep working at it every day [or several times a week] BUT FINISH!

Written by Alex Renn