Broaden Your Verbum Library with These Recent Additions

Sr. Mary Margaret Funk writes on practicing early monasticism, the International Theological Commission provides five decades of theological reflection, and select works from the great Henri de Lubac publish soon—and here’s what else is new and upcoming in Verbum.

You also can guide the future of Verbum resources by placing a bid for Pre-Pub products, such as the Liturgical Press Wisdom Commentary Series (16 vols).

New to Verbum

From books on the Church Fathers to recent staples in Catholic teaching, welcome these new collections to your Verbum library:

Save on Henri de Lubac works

Select Works of Henri de Lubac (5 vols.) is available for pre-order, which means you can save if you get it before it ships on January 25.

De Lubac was well known for his role in shaping the Second Vatican Council, as well as his books Paradoxes of Faith and The Splendor of the Church.

Read excerpts from each work, as well as this quote from More Paradoxes:

The Church is at once visible and invisible, a mysterious reality and a society made up of people. Born and founded. A living organism and an edifice that has been constructed. It is useless to seek to eliminate one of these two aspects in favor of the other; it is impossible to reduce the complexity of the reality and dismiss the paradox. The whole endeavor to conceive of the Church according to any human model whatever is pointless. In her origins as in her present reality, she is always other, unique.

Your voice matters: What do you want us to add next?

These two titles are in Pre-Publication, meaning they’re gathering interest to see if people want them added to Verbum. Let us know which resources you’re interested in by placing a Pre-Pub order. The more people are interested, the sooner the resource ships.


Which resources are you most excited to add to your library? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I would like to see the works of John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila and Therese of Lisieux from ICS Publications added. The copies of the works of these three saints currently in the Verbum libraries are very old and outdated. The ICS Publications copies of the works of these saints are critical editions and based on the latest scholarship. The copy of Story of a Soul by Therese of Lisieux currently in the Verbum libraries is especially outdated and needs to be replaced.

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