The Catechism in Verbum

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The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the best starting point for any study into the Church’s vast teachings. It contains the culmination of doctrine and dogma put together over the history of the Church. The Catechism organizes these teachings in such a way that readers can understand the Catholic Faith from beginning to end, or easily navigate to specific theological topics they are interested in. The Catechism gives deep insight into the workings of the Church, the significance of man, and the glory of God. Pope John Paul II said, “In reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church we can perceive the wonderful unity of the mystery of God…”

In Verbum, the Catechism is transformed into an interactive library, giving those interested in the teachings of the Catholic Church a new and powerful way to study the Catholic Faith. Verbum links nearly 4,800 references to the Bible and other writings in the Catechism to the original sources, allowing readers to study the Catechism surrounded by the historical context from which it was compiled. You can read these documents side-by-side with the Catechism online or offline and, of course, take advantage of some of Verbum’s powerful tools while studying.

With 9 critical titles, including the Vatican II documents, the Catholic Lectionary, two different translations of the Bible, and a wide array of Church documents, Verbum’s Catechism Collection (priced at under $50) is an outstanding deal. You can save even more by getting one of the Verbum basic library packages, unlocking even more powerful tools and hundreds of texts within Verbum.

Watch this video for some quick tips and tricks when using the Catechism in Verbum!
Due to copy right restrictions, the Catechism is only available to customers living in the United States and its territories.

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  • Dear Aric, I am glad to hear that Logos is working on it.

    Amongst the several thousand books and resources available in Verbum, the CCC is the ONLY ONE with “copyright restrictions” (as far as I am aware).

    I wonder if this is what the bishops mean when they talk about the “New Evangelization”: to make it difficult for people to have access to the Catechism in an advanced platform such as Verbum.

    This is simply scandalous! Of all people, and of all books, to see BISHOPS impeding access to THE CATECHISM!!!

    Besides “working on it”, Logos should exact from the bishops either a strong apology or, at least, a very very very good explanation for this amazingly and outrageously bizarre policy.

  • Did a miracle happen? has it been made available to the world outside of America?

    Just wondered…!

      • It would be a good idea to put a disclaimer saying that it is not available outside of America so people won’t waste their money on something they can not use.

      • There’s currently a disclaimer on the product page itself indicating the copyright restrictions, but I’ll mention this in the post as well. This is of course a lamentable roadblock for us and those wanting to use the Catechism internationally, and we’re currently working on this issue. Thanks for the comment!

Written by Aric