How We Use Verbum: Isaiah Hoogendyk and Researching Dogmas of the Faith

This is the second in a series on how Verbum employees use the software in their daily lives and studies.

Quick stats

Isaiah Hoogendyk, Biblical Data Engineer

Verbum member since 2011

Base packages: Verbum 8 Gold

What is your favorite thing to do with Verbum?

I love researching the doctrines and dogmas of the faith. I do this either by running a basic search on my whole library or by limiting the search to a specific collection, such as Church Documents or Catholic Theology. I especially love reading The Sources of Catholic Dogma and Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, which are such a wonderful way to learn how the Church understands and interprets the Scriptures.

What else do you love to use Verbum for?

My (very close) second thing to do with Verbum is to run the Passage Guide on a specific verse or passage because it is always helpful to read commentary that properly interprets the Bible.

Favorite Verbum resource

The Sources of Catholic Dogma


How do you like to use Verbum? Share your favorite tools and resources in the comments below.

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