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Verbum to Cosponsor Conference in Rome: Jesus and the Pharisees

The team behind Verbum Catholic Study Software will play an active role in the Pontifical Biblical Institute’s upcoming international conference.

Verbum Catholic Study Software will be cosponsoring the upcoming international conference, Jesus and the Pharisees: An Interdisciplinary Reappraisal. The event takes place May 7–9, 2019 in Rome, Italy, at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (a.k.a., the Biblicum).

“It’s an honor for Verbum to be able to support the Pontifical Biblical Institute’s conference this year,” said Craig St. Clair, Verbum Product Manager at Faithlife Corporation.  

Hosted by the Biblicum and in collaboration with the Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University, also based in Rome, Italy, this year’s conference will focus on an interdisciplinary re-examination of Jesus and the Pharisees and is intended to facilitate open dialogue between attendees of various faiths and denominations, including Jews, Protestants, and Catholics.

“The topic is very appropriate,” explained Fr. Michael Kolarcik, S.J., rector of the Biblicum. “The relationship between Jesus and the Pharisees is another way to describe the relationship between Christians and Jews throughout two millennia. What we say about this relationship, and how we say it, has significant consequences for our current relationship.”

This cosponsorship marks the continuation of a partnership between Verbum, the Biblicum, and the Gregorian University Foundation. Beginning this year, the faculty and students at the Biblicum are using Verbum in their advanced biblical studies. Their Biblicum Standard package, powered by Verbum and financed by the Gregorian University Foundation, was created in collaboration with professors at the Biblicum and offers the necessary books and software tools for advanced Catholic academic biblical study. Key texts include biblical and extrabiblical texts in original languages, a curated collection of commentaries, and essential grammars, lexicons, and dictionaries.

“I’m pleased to see the relationship between Verbum and the Biblicum continue to grow,” said Faithlife CEO Bob Pritchett. “It is great that we can serve the faculty and students who are engaging in biblical exegesis.”

For additional information about the event, visit the conference website.


About Verbum: Verbum is study and devotional software designed to empower Catholics to study Scripture and understand Church Tradition. Passionate about fulfilling the call to a New Evangelization, Verbum meets a need for Catholic digital resources that equip and connect the faithful, regardless of vocation or location. Verbum began in 2011 as the Catholic division of Logos Bible Software, the flagship product of Faithlife Corporation. Faithlife is headquartered in Bellingham, Washington, USA.

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