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Verbum’s Feud of the Fathers Is Hotter Than the Council of Nicaea

We’re already to the final round in Verbum’s Feud of the Fathers!

We’ve seen some upsets, like St. Gregory of Nyssa defeating St. Gregory Nazianzen or St. Athanasius rising above Origen. We’ve seen some powerhouses cruise through the first two rounds, like St. Augustine and St. Jerome. [Read more…]

Which Fathers Go to Round 3? You Decide.

Round 1 is a wrap, and eight Church Fathers are still standing in Round 2. Who will remain when the dust settles?

This year’s bracket lists western Church Doctors and Fathers on the left side and eastern Church Doctors and Fathers on the right. While we love them all, there can only be one winner in this contest. [Read more…]

Drumroll, Please: Verbum March Matchups Are Here

It’s time for an East vs. West throwdown that racks up savings on books you love!

Verbum’s March Matchups are here, which means you get to vote for your favorite Church Father—and ramp up discounts while you’re at it.

Here’s how it works:

Over the next two weeks, you get to vote for your favorite Church Father across four rounds of competition. The further a Church Father goes in the contest, the more you save on his works.

This year’s bracket lists western Church Doctors and Fathers on the left side and eastern Church Doctors and Fathers on the right. While we love them all, there can only be one winner in this contest.

The first round of voting is open now and closes March 4 at noon. Once the votes are in, you’ll save 20% on works of Fathers eliminated in that round.

The rest of the rounds are as follows:

  • Round 2: March 4–7. When the round ends, works from the eliminated Fathers become 25% off.
  • Round 3: March 7–11. Eliminated Fathers’ works become 30% off.
  • Round 4, the championships: March 11–14. You’ll save 35% on works from the runner-up, and 40% on works from the bracket winner.

Who are you choosing in Round 1? Vote now!

Want to see your favorite Church Father win? Invite your social media friends to play along!

Round 1:

Who’s your pick?

Western Church Doctors and Fathers

St. Augustine vs. Cyprian of Carthage
St. Gregory the Great vs. St. Irenaeus and St. Justin Martyr
St. Ambrose vs. Roman Fathers: Clement, Leo, and Hypolitus
St. Jerome vs. Western Monastic Fathers

Eastern Church Doctors and Fathers

St. John Chrysostom vs. Eastern Monastic Fathers
St. Athanasius vs. Origen of Alexandria
St. Gregory Nazianzen vs. St. Gregory of Nyssa
St. Basil the Great vs. St. Maximus the Confessor

Broaden Your Verbum Library with These Recent Additions

Sr. Mary Margaret Funk writes on practicing early monasticism, the International Theological Commission provides five decades of theological reflection, and select works from the great Henri de Lubac publish soon—and here’s what else is new and upcoming in Verbum.

You also can guide the future of Verbum resources by placing a bid for Pre-Pub products, such as the Liturgical Press Wisdom Commentary Series (16 vols). [Read more…]

Verbum Now August Deals, Including The Unexpected Way

Verbum Now members enjoy the latest tools for studying Scripture and Tradition, as well as unique offers and discounts and exclusive perks like free previews of resources.

If you’re not a Verbum Now member, August is a great time to join. Start your membership today to receive these and other benefits!

40% Off
Join Paul Williams on his incredible journey from being a practicing Buddhist to a believing Catholic in The Unexpected Way: On Converting from Buddhism to Catholicism, 40% off for Verbum Now members.

Paul spent 20 years practicing and teaching Tibetan Buddhism before stunning family and friends by converting to Roman Catholicism. Engage with western and eastern philosophy as well as modern culture as he takes you on an unexpected philosophical and theological pilgrimage.

Free Preview
Discover the fascinating lives and spiritual wisdom of the desert-dwelling Church Fathers with the Early Egyptian Monasticism Collection (5 vols.).

These Egyptian Church Fathers made their homes in desert caves, dedicating themselves to meditation and communing with God. Though often overlooked, their writings and histories are highly instructive for Christians today. This collection is free to preview all month long. And when the preview is over, you can purchase it with an exclusive discount!

Free Book
Choose your free monthly book from a library of over 3,000 titles! Get it free when you enter the coupon code NOWFREEBOOKAUGUST18 at checkout.


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Enrich Your Studies with 3 Top Resources—on Sale This Month

Save as much as 30% on top resources this month during the August Monthly Sale. You’ll discover rich, time-tested works that build up the Church and encourage your faith. Many of the featured items this month are from Church Fathers, so there’s never been a better time to witness the tradition of faith handed down to us.

Check out these highlights, and don’t miss all the deals available in the August Monthly Sale: [Read more…]

Get City of God for Free, Plus 2 More Volumes for under $5

This month, you can get Saint Augustine: The City of God, Books I–VII  for free plus two more volumes from the Fathers of the Church Series (127 vols.) for less than $5! Throughout June, we’re sharing excerpts from Saint Augustine: The City of God to give you a preview of the thoughtful and thought-provoking literary treatise you can expect from this month’s free book.

Today’s excerpt comes from The City of God by St. Augustine: [Read more…]

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