Should I Choose a Feature Upgrade or Complete Upgrade?

There are several ways to get your hands on Verbum 8, the newest version of Verbum, but which one is right for you?

If you already own Verbum and are looking to upgrade to 8, read on. In this post, I explain differences between a feature upgrade and a complete upgrade—and why you might prefer one over the other.

What is a feature upgrade?

A feature upgrade adds Verbum 8 features to your base package. It upgrades your software, not your library. So you keep the books you currently have and get new features added on top of what you own.

This is the critical difference: with a feature upgrade, you only add features to your base package, not books (you keep the books you already own). For this reason, a feature upgrade costs less than a complete upgrade.

What is a complete upgrade?

A complete upgrade is—you guessed it—when you add the newest Verbum features and new books to your base package.

Think of it like a Verbum renovation: you update your base package with fancy new features, and you add an extension to your library with new books.

Why would I choose a feature upgrade?

In Verbum, features rely on resources (your library) to deliver insights to you.

For example, in the new Workflows feature—which walks you step-by-step through common Bible study processes—there is often a step where you consult Bible dictionaries and commentaries.

Adding this feature means you have one more way of learning from those dictionaries and commentaries you already have.

So you would choose a feature upgrade for two reasons:

  1. You already own a Verbum base package and want just the new features (at your custom price)
  2. You sense that your current library will give the new features plenty to work with

Because of Dynamic Pricing, you won’t pay for any features you already own. Your feature upgrade price adjusts to account for what you already own, so log in to see your unique price.

Why would I choose a complete upgrade?

You would choose a complete upgrade for three reasons:

  1. You want to add to your library and features
  2. You want to do it the most cost-effective way
  3. You want to take advantage of the special Verbum 8 launch discount (25% off your first complete upgrade)

More books

The power of Verbum relies on books.

A dictionary of biblical theology will give you insights on key biblical terms and themes.

A critical commentary will give you detailed insights into the original languages.

A systematic theology will fill out the Theology Guide tool.

So if you want to make your new Verbum features dig deeper, you might add some books to your library.

A lot of people are talking about the new Verbum 8 libraries, which feature some great commentaries, sermon prep resources, and more.

More savings

In Verbum, books are always more affordable when bundled, so buying whole libraries is the most cost-effective method.

Plus, because we’re offering a limited-time 25% discount on your first complete upgrade, now is a good time to consider it. (What do we mean by a first complete upgrade? If you chose the Verbum 8 Gold complete upgrade and then wanted to supplement it with a Logos 8 Gold Reformed upgrade, only the first one would receive the discount.)

So this option is for you if you want new books and features and want to get them in the most cost-effective way.

Sign in to see your unique price on Verbum 8 complete upgrades.

I still need help choosing

If you would like more help deciding which route to take, I recommend either (or both) of these options:

  • Call our resource experts at 800-875-6467. We’ll talk with you about how you want to use Verbum, then point you in the right direction.
  • Take this quiz. It asks a few questions to learn about your needs and preferences, then suggests a Verbum 8 package to match.   

The beauty of upgrading in Verbum is that you don’t pay for the same books or features twice—all your upgrades are cumulative. You are adding, not replacing.


Explore complete upgrades and feature upgrades in Verbum now.

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