How We Use Verbum: Angela Lott and Preparing for the Weekly Gospel Reading

This is the first in a series on how Verbum employees use the software in their daily lives and studies.

Quick stats

Angela Lott, Sales

Verbum member since 2017

Base packages: Verbum 7 Portfolio and Logos 8 Portfolio

What is your favorite thing to do with Verbum?

I prepare myself for Sunday by doing a Bible study on the Gospel reading each week. I use the Workflows tool, which makes it very easy to dive deeply into Scripture and pull out background and meaning that I never knew before.

What else do you love to use Verbum for?

I love reading my devotionals, particularly those by the Daughters of Saint Paul.

I also like the Catholic tools, like the Saints tool and the Treasury of Sacred Art tool. They are very helpful for when I’m preparing to lead Confirmation sessions. The media and visual illustrations help me bring the Bible, saints, and sacraments to life for my audience.

Favorite Verbum resource

The Daughters of St. Paul Reflections on the Daily Readings Collection (6 vols.)


How do you like to use Verbum? Share your favorite tools and resources in the comments below.

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