New in Verbum 6: Custom Reading Plans!

One of the many exciting new features of Verbum 6 is the Custom Reading Plan. Get the most out of your study time with a Reading Plan, newly customizable to help you learn what you want to learn, when you want to learn it.

Schedule your reading to fit your own calendar—shorter selections for weekdays, for example, and longer sections for weekends.


  • You can choose your own pace and customize your reading according to your schedule
  • You can create a plan from multiple resources—anything in your Verbum library

In Verbum, select the Documents tab and open “Reading Plan,” just as in Verbum 5.

What’s new is the third option, Custom Reading Plan:


Then, choose a book from your Verbum library, and highlight, left click, and drag a reading into the Reference box.

Let’s say I want to start a reading plan about the New Evangelization and the Catechism on Sunday, November 30, the first day of Advent. I choose 2 short readings from Pope Saint John Paul II’s encyclicals on the New Evangelization for Sunday. Monday  is my day off, let’s say, so I include a longer reading from the Catechism on Monday. Tuesday I know I’ll be booked, so I only have one article from Chapter 2 of the Catechism.

Here’s my plan in progress with multiple readings. The orange box indicates where I drag selected text to create my next reading:

reading plan paint

With the Custom Reading Plan, you can drag and drop the sections you wish to read from multiple sources, creating a reading plan that suits your needs.

Verbum 6 makes it even easier for your faith to flourish! Upgrade today.



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Kathryn Hogan
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  • Is there a way to get our custom reading plans to show up on the Verbum app? If I do a standard reading plan of one book, it will show up in the app on the Home screen, but my custom reading plan does not.

    • Joe, the new custom reading plans are not currently supported on mobile. We are working on a mobile app update to support them, but, for now, your own custom plans are not available in the mobile apps. Thank you for your patience.

      • Thanks! I realize it takes some time to add these types of new functions to the app, so I will wait patiently (isn’t that what Advent is all about?). I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something! Keep up the good work!

  • Currently I am a student studying the Bible at the Denver Catholic Biblical School. I am in the third year of a four year course in which we are currently studying the prophets. Could you please suggest which package would be most appropriate for to use on my Mac Pro, MacBook Pro and iPhone?

    Thanks you


    • Dear Allan:

      Thank you for your interest! While the Scholar package includes several Bible commentaries to benefit your studies, the Master and Capstone packages provide even more resources. For more in-depth information regrading your academic needs, please contact sales at 877-542-7664. Our representatives are available to help you find the Verbum package that is right for you!

      —Kathryn Hogan, editor

Written by Kathryn Hogan