Use Verbum to study the Faith this Christmas

This Christmas season, take 10% off any Verbum library all through Epiphany. Use coupon code CHRISTMAS13 at checkout.

Verbum equips Catholics everywhere with the tools they need to evangelize effectively.

Study thousands of years of Catholic tradition all in one smart, interlinked library:

Explore the Tradition. Learn something you never knew before.

Every time you open Verbum, the world of Catholic theology springs to life with a massive library of crucial books, tools and resources. You can begin studying with the Catechism Collection, or advance to even bigger, more comprehensive libraries. Check out the Catechism in action:

In Verbum, simply enter a verse or topic and press go, and you’ll be presented with the most meaningful and relevant results from Scripture, the Catechism, Church Fathers, and other key texts from the Tradition. And now, the new Verbum Plus libraries takes this amazing functionality and makes it even better.

With tools like the new Catholic Topical Index, spend less time searching and more time learning. Hand-curated by scholars here at Verbum, the Catholic Topical Index changes the way you study the Scriptures and Tradition:

Don’t miss out on the most revolutionary study tool available to scholars, priests, and laymen alike. Get Verbum today, and understand the Faith in fresh new ways. Remember to use coupon code CHRISTMAS13 at checkout to save an extra 10%.

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  • Hello Aric,

    Any progress in getting the Catechism to be made available to non-US residents?


    • Hi Atila. Currently, only US and Canadian residents can get the Catechism. Of course, we’re working on making it available elsewhere and will make a public announcement if/when that happens.

  • We’re absolutely enjoying Verbum Plus! How wonderful it was to research the O Antiphons with my kids using the Catholic Topical Index….

  • I am from the Philippines and very much interested about what you offer, which I know I can use in my personal and parochial activities. I facilitate and teach Liturgical Bible Studies to all servants and eventually to all the parishioners. Thank you

Written by Aric