Deacon Kevin’s Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent

This guest post is by Deacon Kevin Bagley, DMin, Director of Verbum.

Happy New Year! The church begins its liturgical year as we prepare for the birth of our Savior. Our readings this weekend point us in a direction of change, of looking toward the Kingdom, and ask us, “Are you ready?”

This time of year we make all kinds of preparations. Preparations for Thanksgiving, shopping lists, getting ready to mail Christmas Cards, decking the halls, and putting together the Christmas menu. So much to do, so little time. The Christmas rush is upon us!

May I suggest that you carve a few minutes from your day to reflect on the wonderful gift that God bestowed upon us in the form of his Son? Take time by yourself, and as a family, to recall the birth of the infant who changed the world.

We make many preparations for one very special day, but how are we preparing for eternity? We prepare for eternity in the many ways we live and exercise our gifts and talents in service to the community and to the parish. Maybe God is calling you to give of your gifts, time, or talent in service to the church as you exercise your stewardship.

This Advent, take some quiet moments to reflect, to pray, and to thank God for your blessings and gifts. Take time to reflect on your willingness to be a steward of the gifts you have received, and how you are demonstrating your love of the Lord. Take time to appreciate the wonderful gift we have in each other. Take time preparing for eternity.

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Kathryn Hogan
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Written by Kathryn Hogan