The Fathers of the Church Series: the most important patristic collection you’ll ever own

The Fathers of the Church Series is now available in Verbum, one of the most exciting additions we’ve ever procured. With nearly 50,000 pages of patristic primary-source material spanning the first through fifth centuries, this collection is unparalleled in the world of patristics.

With the tools and functionality that Verbum provides, this collection within Verbum is hands-down the most powerful patristic study tool available anywhere. 

A few people have had questions regarding what’s included in this collection compared to our early Church Fathers Collection. Here are the facts:

  • Though there is a little overlap between this collection and the Early Church Fathers collection, a vast majority of these texts are brand new to Verbum. 
  • Even with the resources that do overlap (such as some of Augustine’s works), the Fathers of the Church Series provides a totally new translation produced by top-tier scholars. In many cases the text in the Fathers of the Church Series are easier to read and digest.
  • There are maybe 20 or so works in this collection that are available in the public domain. The rest can only be purchased from publishers, and in this collection there are some titles that are exclusive to this collection, which means you can’t find them anywhere else
  • This series is divided into five main collections which you can choose to purchase individually (see below). 

Brilliant scholarship at an incredible price

What makes this collection so valuable isn’t just the sheer immensity of text (at less $.04 per page, the absolute best value anywhere): it’s the brilliant scholarship and translation that this series is renowned for in the English-speaking world. The English translations of both Greek and Latin texts are clear and easy to read, and the scholarship behind them is unsurpassed both in scope and in scale.

For anyone working in or studying patristics or early church history, this comprehensive exposition of the development of Christianity from its early years to post-Nicene maturity is invaluable.

And for those looking to study a particular patristic era, the Fathers of The Church series is broken into five different collections available for purchase on Pre-Pub:

  1. Fathers of the Ante-Nicene Era (23 vols.)
  2. Greek Fathers of the Nicene Era (35 vols.)
  3. Latin Fathers of the Nicene Era (25 vols.)
  4. St. Augustine (30 vols.)
  5. Fathers of the Post-Nicene Era (14 vols.)

fathers-of-the-church-seriesBut you save the most, by far, when you get the full 127-volume set. In addition to 20% off for purchasing the full set, you’ll get an additional 30% off while it’s on Pre-Pub. In fact, all discounts totaled, you’ll get over 65% off the total print price of this landmark series when you pre-order it right now.

Take advantage of this Pre-Pub opportunity while it lasts. Pre-order the Church Fathers Series today and gain a solid foundation for your study of the early church. 

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  • I’m in for this set! Can’t wait!

    Any chance of having the Medieval Continuation of the Father’s of the Church added to Pre-pub soon?


  • Though this series is on the pricey side, it is an outstanding resource. I have a few of the series in my library that I purchased while in seminary. Giving serious thought about purchasing the electronic version. Budget, budget, budget. Do hope we see a few more publications from CUA here in the future.

  • “But you save the most, by far, when you get the full 127-volume set. In addition to 20% off for purchasing the full set, you’ll get an additional 30% off while it’s on Pre-Pub. In fact, all discounts totaled, you’ll get over 65% off the total print price of this landmark series when you pre-order it right now.”

    I guess I don’t understand the math here: usually there’s a higher percentage discount for getting the whole set: e.g. the Baker Academic Biblical Studies Bundle has a 46% discount for the full set (85 volumes), but only 25% for smaller sections of the bundle (e.g. a 19 volume section).

    This set, on the other hand, has a straight 30% discount across the board, with no increase for buying the whole set.

    • So, the total “print” price (if you were to buy this series without a discount from the publisher, whether by purchasing individual titles or collections) is $4640.45.

      We offer the publisher’s discount which is an instant 40% off. This brings this price down to $2,784.39.

      In addition, you get 30% off at pre-pub price. This brings this price down to $1,949.07.

      In addition to that we offer a 20% discount for buying the full set, brining the price down to $1,559.26.

      So, the original list is $4640.45. With all discounts totaled, we offer the set at $1559.26.

      That’s 65 (really, closer to 67) percent off the original list price.

      Hope this helps!

      • I see what you’re saying. That makes sense.

        However, the logic of the discount on the complete set product page looks different.

        According to the product page:
        Original Print Price: $4,640.65
        Regular Logos Price: $2,229.95

        That’s looks like you’re just taking almost 52% off the top.

        From the $2,229.95 regular Logos price, there’s a 30% discount to bring it to $1560.97 [then round down to make it look pretty]: $1559.95

        One can only see the 20% by adding up the individual sets.

        It’s hard to see the extra 20% when you’re just looking at the complete set product page.

        Thanks for explaining. Most helpful.

    • In other words, the “regular” price of the full set is 20% less than the “regular” price of the smaller sets.

      The 30% (temporary) pre-pub discount is on top of that and is the same for all of them.

Written by Aric